Document Verification

Document Verification

Verify user identity effectively with
unmatched global coverage

  • 100% automated verification
  • Identity fraud protection
  • Secure customer enrollment
  • Real-time proof of identity

Watch how Shufti Pro performs
online document verification

How Shufti Pro’s Document Verification Solution works

Authenticate documents and verify your customers from
anywhere in the world in just three simple steps


End-user takes orn upload the photo of government-issued identity document in real-time


Shufti Pro’s intelligent engine automatically extracts data from document using OCR technology


Shufti Pro’s AI verification technology validates identity document format and information


Screen displays a definitive Yes or No and verification results are stored in the back-office

Documents We Verify

Shufti Pro’s global documentation verification service supports
3000+ ID document types in 150+ languages, worldwide.

ID Card


Employee Letter


Driver’s License

Tax Bill


CPR Smart

Utility Bill

Bank Statement

Rent Agreement

Onboard Legitimate Customers with Digital Document
Authentication Services

Effective online verification is crucial for KYC/AML compliance. Using Shufti Pro’s
automated verification technology for ID document authentication, you can
onboard legitimate customers securely in real-time.

Digital Process

Fully-automated digital process for increased productivity and reduced manual labour

Quick Verification

User verification within 30-60 seconds to optimize conversion rates and reduce drop-offs

Accurate Results

AI-powered verification results with 98.67% accuracy rate for prevention against identity frauds

Customized Workflow for
Smarter Verification

With Shufti Pro online identity document verification solution, you can customize the verification process for your customers that perfectly fits your use case.

  • Tailored documents for verification

    Businesses can choose the types of documents to allow end-users for verification from our supported document types.

  • Face verification for added security

    Add face verification to ensure the remote presence of authorised user by comparing selfie with photo on ID document

  • Screen users for risk assessment

    Additional AML checks for user screening to reduce risk of financial crimes and money laundering to meet KYC/AML laws.

Simplified experience

Remote ID verification done from anywhere in the world, anytime, for seamless customer experience.

Automated process

AI-poweredID document verification to auto-capture ID document and auto-extract data in real-time.

Course correction

Automated instructions for users to follow for additional verification attempts in the case if the verification fails.

80% boost in conversion rates with Shufti Pro document verification service

With Shufti Pro’s document authentication solution, reduce customer abandonment rate and optimize conversions in a fraction of a few seconds.

OCR Data Extraction for Frictionless
Customer Experience

According to PwC, 73% of the people consider customer experience an important factor in their purchasing decision.

Complex verification checks and manual data entry often leads to friction in the process, making consumers abandon the process midway.

With Shufti Pro’s OCR data extraction feature, the information is automatically extracted from the ID document eliminating manual effort and making the whole verification process frictionless.

Reduce customer abandonment rate up to 80% with Shufti Pro

Effective Document Validation for Fraud Prevention

Effective digital document verification isn’t just about user verification. It requires
businesses to catch expired, stolen and forged documents to prevent online
fraud including identity theft.

Shufti Pro’s AI technology validates

Real Documents

  • Check for accuracy of format
  • Check for authenticity of MRZ
  • Detect crumpled / folded edges
  • Check photoshop | tampering | forgery
  • Verify hologram | rainbow print
  • Detect bluriness | exposure

True Information

  • Name | Surname
  • Date of birth
  • Document issue and expiry date
  • Document number
  • MRZ or bar code
  • Country of origin

Extended document checks taking
verification to another level

With Shufti Pro’s advanced document checks, enhance
security of your business online.

Age Verification

Establish dynamic security standards for minors, as well as adults tailored to age-restricted products and services. Catch fraudulent users with falsified date of birth in real-time through digital age checks.

  • Prevent pension fraud
  • Protect minors online
  • Comply with age laws

Nationality Verification

Restrict users from particular nationalities to access specific services and products. Secure your business from individuals belonging to the high-risk countries and jurisdictions with nationality checks.

  • Regulate high-risk users
  • Protect online business
  • Comply with KYC/AML laws

Synergizing HI and AI for unmatched verification results

Shufti Pro’s enhanced AI technology provides real-time results with a definitive Yes or No. All these results are backed by human experts to reduce chances of false positives and save your business from non-compliance fines.

The two-fold technology is what helps us achieve an unmatched accuracy of 98.67% globally.

Use Cases

Fraud detection & prevention

Proof of address verification

KYC/AML compliance

Online age verification

New account opening

Customer onboarding

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