Ongoing Aml

Ongoing AML

Conduct regular AML monitoring of clients and develop detailed risk profiles to enhance conversion rates and prevent fraud.

Better Risk Management with Ongoing AML Checks

Reaffirm Risk Assessment

Stay one step ahead of fraudulent customers and streamline business flows in line with stringent regulatory requirements

Reduce False Positives

Adopt best practices for implementation of AML solutions to screen your customer and save costs of inaccurate authentications

Optimize customer onboarding

Shorten the sign-up process with real-time services and retain authentic customers by conducting ongoing AML verifications

Consistent Risk Profiling For Customer Due Diligence and Safer Customer Relations

With Shufti Pro’s ongoing AML compliance services, maintain client risk profiles and establish consistency with authentic background data.

Review customer information with updated
records for:

High-risk countries

Politically exposed persons

Prepaid cards

Cryptocurrency markets

Crypto exchanges

Shufti Pro’s Ongoing AML Solutions for Businesses

We help financial service providers, retailers, crypto exchanges, credit institutions, insurance and real estate companies in identifying high-risk profiles through global AML Screening.

Additional Identity Assurance

AML Onboarding Solutions

Accurate Risk Profiling

Updated Risk Status

Enhanced Compliance Screening

High Security Standards

Reduced Cost of Compliance

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monitoring services?