Video KYC for banks and online businesses

Onboard Remote Customers Through Video Identification

Onboard real customers and eliminate ID fraud through cost effective video KYC anytime anywhere

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Video KYC for Smooth Customer Onboarding

KYC expert assisted remote customer verification with robust liveness detection

Sign up

Customer gets on the live video call with a KYC expert after signing up on the platform

Liveness detection

The KYC expert interviews the Customer for liveness detection through facial recognition techniques

Document verification

Customer is asked to show their identity document in front of the camera in real-time

Facial verification

The Customer face is matched with the face on ID document for identification

Video KYC for Banks and Online Businesses

Expedite your customer verification process to meet KYC/ AML compliance regulations

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Contactless Verification

Fast customer verification without the need for physical presence

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Forged and tampered ID documents are detected using AI/ML models

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The location is verified along with the customer IP address for additional security

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Real-time Data Extraction

Data is extracted from identity documents using OCR technology

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Liveness Detection

Facial recognition techniques are applied to prevent facial spoof attacks

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Powerful Security Measures

The video verification uses strong security protocols and is tightly secured with end-to-end encryption

Explore the Significance of Video KYC for the Fintech Industry

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Shufti Pro’s Four Video KYC Models

Regional KYC Experts

Choose from our two different options of Regional KYC experts to give a customized experience to your customers.

  • Dedicated human KYC expert to specifically handle all your Video KYC verification processes.
  • Shared human verification expert assigned for your Video KYC process in real-time.

International KYC Experts

Opt for International human verification experts for the frictionless customer onboarding process and mitigate regional and language challenges.

Use Your Own KYC Experts

Your KYC experts use Shufti Pro’s identity verification solution to perform a seamless video verification process

AI-Based Video Interview

AI-supported chat with the end-user in real-time followed by OCR screening of identity documents

Shufti Pro’s interactive back-office for KYC experts

Performing Video KYC verification is made simple with Shufti Pro back-office. Seamlessly conduct a video interview with our verification instructions displayed on your screen during the video call.

  • Live video Interaction with agent
  • Liveness check through facial recognition
  • Present original ID documents for proof of address
  • Present a written consent note to proceed further
  • Get verified

Real-time verification status updates in back-office

With Shufti Pro’s intuitive back-office, KYC experts get verification status updates during the live video interview.

  • ID Card
  • Liveness
  • Original Documents
  • Background

Financial Institutions Spend upto $500 Million Per Year on KYC Processes

Shufti Pro’s Video identification solution reduces customer onboarding costs by 80%. Choose the video KYC model to meet your business needs.

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Video KYC Solution for Global Industries

Either it’s remote employee onboarding video KYC or customer age verification video, Shufti Pro’s VideoID solution has got you covered.

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Banks & Financial Institutions

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Insurance Firms

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Payment Industry

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Lending & Leasing Companies

Perks of Choosing Our Video KYC Solution

High Assurance Identification

Video KYC ensures foolproof security against deep fakes and synthetic identities and enhanced document authentication is performed using AI models.

No Need to Hire KYC Experts

Our KYC experts are experienced in cross-checking global identity documents and for providing real-time interaction with end-users.

Smart Regulatory Compliance

In-sync with changing KYC and AML requirements, making it easier to comply with guidelines for video verification of customers.

Cost-effective Solution

Offering a cost-effective solution for streamlining customer onboarding and reducing drop-off rates.

Countries meeting KYC compliance with videoID

Video KYC is allowed in some countries worldwide for secure customer onboarding and remote verification.

Countries around the globe are integrating video verification solutions into their systems every day. Many European and Non-European member states are embracing video KYC to deter the growing risks of fraud and financial crimes. While some states are still in the process of implementing laws to allow video KYC.

The need for video verification is growing among industries owing to digitisation and remote customer onboarding, therefore, in due time video KYC will replace manual authentication procedures for accurate verification across borders.

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Your one-stop solution to verify customers wherever they are in the world