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Fast-track Know Your Business (KYB) onboarding with Shufti Pro’s one-stop solution for business search.

Fast-track Know Your Business (KYB) Onboarding with Shufti Pro’s One-stop Solution for Business Search

Business Identification

Business Filings

Business Networks

Business Statements

Complete Data Access with Easy API Integration


Global commercial registers & Jurisdictions


Million companies’ data worldwide


Different countries approximately

International Coverage for Business Verification

business verification
Global coverage with official and authentic commercial data.

business verification
Real-time verification and tri-layer risk cover for businesses worldwide.

business verification
Access to virtually all official, updated data registers in the world.

business verification
Smooth onboarding with easy API integration and developer options.

Strengthen Business Ties with Shufti Pro’s KYB Checks


Breeze Through Your Regulatory Compliance Needs with
Shufti Pro’s Efficient API

Stay one step ahead of a breach with the ultimate fraud cover with a comprehensive approach to global risk mitigation, your business can prevent potential losses and non-compliance penalties.


Our market-leading KYB solution offers effortless integration
for businesses, with strong
risk-shields against
fraudulent entities.

Revamp KYB Verification, Client Onboarding and Regulatory Compliance for your Business.

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Ultimate Fraud Cover

Prevent losses with a global risk cover against fraudsters, imposters, and money launderers.

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Effortless Regulatory Compliance

Attain a globally compliant status with single API integration and avoid non-compliance penalties.

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Updated Company Databases

Automated Access to Data from Global Commercial Registers.

KYB Services for Industries

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kyb services

Legal Sector

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Insurance Companies

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Brokerage Houses

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Online Businesses

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