Age Verification Solution

Age Verification Solution

Seamlessly verify the age of your customer with KJM-approved age check technology.

  • GDPR-compliant solution
  • Globally acclaimed age verifier
  • Customizable age brackets
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Verified millions of users in 230+ Countries & Territories


No More Checkboxes for Age Verification

Today’s technologically equipped minors can easily dodge captcha and “I’m above 18” checkboxes. Protecting them requires a robust solution to verify their age and identity. Shufti Pro’s effortless age verification solution is one of its kind. It will help your business in preventing minors from accessing adult-oriented content and vice versa.

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How Shufti Pro Verifies Age of End-users

End-user enters the date of birth

End-user shows ID document

OCR extracts DOB and other details

Age is verified and results are delivered

A Single Tool for Smart Age Authentication

Fraud prevention, effective compliance with age laws, swift customer onboarding - Get all with Shufti Pro under one umbrella!

Digital Age Verification

Stay clear of savvy minors using the IDs of their elders to access age-restricted content and criminal entities lurking around with stolen identities ready to exploit minors and your business.

Real-time Fraud Prevention

Practice fraud intelligence with real-time identity screening. Shufti Pro authenticates user identity using government-issued ID documents and live selfies leaving no chances for fake or stolen identities.

Effective KYC Compliance

Avoid non-compliance fines and protect your business’ reputation by successfully adhering to age verification and KYC law mandates with Shufti Pro’s fully compliant age authentication solution

Industries that Need Age Verification


Age verification for secure online and in-store alcohol sales


Verify age and identity before selling controlled substances

Online Dating Websites

Reduce romance scams and provide secure online services

Gaming and Lotteries

Conform to verification regulations without sacrificing customer experience

Tobacco, e-cigarettes & Vaping

Fast age verification for online Tobacco sales


Prevent pension frauds by confirming real age of individual

Why Shufti Pro’s Age Verification Solution

Global Coverage

Gain from our experience of verifying people in more than 230 countries and territories. Confirm age of the end-users in less than 30 seconds and get 98.6% accurate verification results. Real-time age verification to help you sell in different regions.

IDV and Age Checks in One Go

Verify age and identity of the end-user in one go. No need for separate validation tools required for ID and age verification. Add AML screening with age verification solution and screen customers against 1700+ global watchlists.

Customized Solution

Customize the age check solutions according to your business needs and the regulatory requirements of your state. Set the desired age limit and frequency of ongoing screening without any hassles.

Easy Integration

Single API integration is all what your business needs to verify age of the end-users. Our tech team can provide a customized Hosted Verification Page (HVP) to address your technical requirements.

Ready to verify age of your end-users?