Digital Player Identity Verification

Verify Remote Players’ Identity, Validate Age Seamlessly and Reduce Abandonment Rate All in One Place

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Play it safe and don’t get pwned!

Secure yourself from hefty non-compliance fines with Shufti Pro’s configurable IDV services for gaming and gambling platforms.

Permit the right ones

Undergo KYC and customer due diligence procedures to prevent underage gaming and gambling.

Say no to fincrime

Carry out instant AML checks to identify blacklisted players and deter financial crimes.

Identify the troublemakers

Practise enhanced due diligence for players from high-risk jurisdictions to report suspicious users.

Get set go in just 3 simple steps

End-user takes or uploads the photo of their ID document

Shufti Pro automatically extracts the data and performs IDV checks

Definite eVerification result is delivered and stored in the back-office

Join the global gaming businesses that are already benefiting from Shufti Pro Player Verification Service

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Integrate Know Your Player service and Kill two birds with one stone

With Shufti Pro’s player verification solution, the onboarding becomes fast, reliable and accurate. Now deliver enhanced gaming experience and gain player trust side by side.

Online and Social Gaming

Mitigate the risk of underage gambling and access to adult-oriented games by validating the player’s date of birth. Ensure identity and age verification in a go.

Digital Identity Assurance

Onboard legit players and identify criminals. Get benefits from facial biometric authentication to secure in-game transactions that are vulnerable to identity theft.

Soft Fraud Prevention

Deter the risk of online fraud through real-time ID document checks. Ensure that the gamer getting on board is who they claim to be with a high level of authenticity.

Players Data Protection

Stay put with global data protection regulations with GDPR AND PCI DSS compliant solutions. Secure players’ information while reducing the risk of data breaches.

Transaction Authentication

Validate players before processing transactions. Restrict players to spend off-limits, allowing them to spend after running affordability checks.

Global regulatory authorities are introducing new KYC/AML requirements to secure gambling industry while keeping intact minor protection online.

Read our whitepaper to learn how Shufti Pro regulates gaming and gambling industry

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How Shufti Pro can Help

Shufti Pro offers robust ID verification services that reduce onboarding time, improve conversion rate, and help businesses to stay put with KYC/AML obligations.

Face Verification

Verify real players through a live selfie.

Address Verification

Validate physical address of players remotely.

AML Screening

Screen players’ background against 1700+ watchlists.

Age Verification

Check age of players online through ID document.

Facial Biometric Authentication

Authorise account access and transaction via selfie

Document Verification

Authenticate true identity of players in real-time

Don’t rely just on our words, Our world-class service speaks for itself

Check how Art Plant prevents high risks, verifies customers and strengthens the user base with Shufti Pro’s document verification and AML screening services.

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Post KYC Services

Businesses can acquire players' additional documents (payslip, bank statement, SSN, etc.) and can store them in Shufti Pro’s back office for better risk assessments to make decisions accordingly.

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