Case Studies

Online Education

Providing KYC services to an online educational platform offering skills development courses. Bittiger was impressed by Shufti Pro’s end-to-end KYC verification services which utilized a great combination of Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.

Game Studio

Strengthening the user base of an MMO based online game with a galactic universe theme. Shufti Pro provided document verification and AML compliance solution to verify the clients of ArtPlant before they would penetrate the gaming portal. Due to the use of cryptocurrency for payments on this portal, the risk was high which was prevented by Shufti Pro real-time verification solutions.

Social Media – Blockchain

Enabling an innovative startup to give back control of social media to end-users. Howdoo wanted a global service provider that could identify the end-users from every corner of the world. Shufti pro was the solution as it can verify more than 3000 identity documents from every corner of the world.

Food Industry

Streamlining supply chain management for a farm-to-table traceability solution. Shufti Pro became their official information management collaborator. GDPR compliance of Shufti Pro was a key feature that attracted the client.

Tech Startup

Providing the risk shield to the hottest tech startup of Africa – VConnect. Real-time identity verification increased the credibility and customer value of their venture.


Online Dating

Offering identity verification services in the online dating industry, DateID was looking for a solution with a feasible pricing plan and a well thought out UX. Shufti Pro provided user-centric IDV that met their on-the-go verification needs in real-time.

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