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Knowing your customer identity eliminates risks, online frauds, and financial crimes. Verify Selfies, ID Documents and Mobile 2FA from anywhere in only 30 seconds.

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In an online space, businesses continuously face the threat of breach, identity theft, takeovers and tough compliances.

We bring you key Identity Verification Services to address this predicament. Shufti Pro is an API based Identity Verification solution to approve real customers, increase conversions, reduce chargebacks and deter fraudulent attempts.

Read our KYC Guide to learn more about KYC/AML compliance and how Shufti Pro can help.

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Identity Verification Services

Face Verification

  • Verify Remote Presence of User
  • Liveness Detection
  • Video Based Authentication
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Document Verification

  • Compare Selfie With Image on IDs
  • Check if IDs are Real | Photoshopped | or Forged
  • Multiple Document Support
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Address Verification

  • Verify Address on Utility Bill, Bank Statements etc
  • Authenticate the Name Against ID Card
  • Determine the Authenticity of Template and Format
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2-Factor Authentication

  • Quick remote user authentication
  • Personalized code verification
  • Auto-code generation
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Consent Note Verification

  • Video Consent
  • Hand-written consent note
  • Establish proof of consent
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30 Seconds - Quickest Time for Online Identity Verification

  • Capture a Selfie of your Face
  • Capture an image of ID Card
  • Capture an image of Address Document

Users may also upload image of their Face, ID and Address Document*

Features We Offer

True Identities

  • Liveness Detection
  • Anti-Spoofing
  • Device | Geolocation Logs
  • Nationality Verification
  • Consent Collection
  • Age Verification

Genuine Documents

  • Forgery | Photoshop Detection
  • Rainbow | Microprint Check
  • MRZ Code | Hologram Detection
  • Nationality Verification
  • Document Expiry Check
  • Verify Name | DoB | Issuance

All verification attempts are carefully assessed by

Shufti Pro uses machine learning algorithms to perform comprehensive verification. Our Identity Verification Services are the perfect replacement for KBA, Manual KYC and passwords.

Artificial Intelligence (Automatically)

Human Intelligence Experts (Manually)

Identity Verification at a Glance

Proof of Verification

End-to-end video evidence of complete verification

Verification Report

Auto extract Name, DoB and other credentials from the document

Data Extraction

Download complete PDF report or delete proofs | results | credentials

IP and Geo Location

Accurate IP | Longitude | Latitude | Device assessment

Quick and Easy Integration

Restful API, and SDKs

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Onsite Mode

We will collect data from Client’s user, verify and send back results/data via API/SDK. Client can view it in the back-office.

Offsite Mode

Client will collect data and send it to Shufti Pro for verification via API/SDK. Shufti Pro will send back results via API/SDK and Client can see it in the back-office.

Hosted Verification Page

On-demand Custom web-page developed from scratch by Shufti Pro for Clients

Unique URL: Your choice of UI/UX (logo, colors & more). Custom fields to collect unique data

Trusted by

“Collaborating with Shufti Pro has greatly reduced the manual work required for customer verification and initial screening without losing high standards of AML/CTF procedures.”

Managing Director, TITANFX

Trusted by

“Collaborating with Shufti Pro has greatly reduced the manual work required for customer verification and initial screening without losing high standards of AML/CTF procedures.”

Managing Director, TITANFX

“Now we haven’t any headache about KYC, because all processes are going automatically. This facilitated the fraud manager and support department.”

Product owner, Drakemall

“Thanks to Shufti Pro’s technology we will be able to significantly accelerate the process of client onboarding.”

Executive Officer, Bilderlings

“Shufti Pro completely automates the identity verification process for us, which saves valuable time and development costs.”

CEO, Boatigo

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