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Shufti Pro Ltd. wins the Global Business Excellence Award for Outstanding product

  • Edward lilly
  • October 09, 2020
  • 2 minutes read
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October 2020, London, Shufti Pro is announced the winner of the Global Business Excellence Award 2020 under Outstanding Product/ Service category. Last month, Shufti pro was nominated by Global business excellence for the category of outstanding product/service award 2020. 

Shufti Pro is an emerging name in the identity verification market, providing its state of the art remote and on-premises verification solutions globally. The category in which Shufti Pro is given an award incorporates all the enterprises with novel products/services that haven’t been launched long ago and are operating in the B2B or B2C market. 

Global business excellence nominated Shufti Pro because of its distinguished place in the marketplace. Recognising its efforts in offering consumer-centric services, the independent expert judges’ panel declared Shufti Pro the winner according to the strict criteria emphasising on various factors – innovation, financial results, employees, customer, investor and community benefits.

Commenting on Shufti Pro Limited, the winner in the Outstanding Product/Service category, the chairman of the judges said: 

“Shufti Pro is helping to eliminate fraud across multiple industries globally with its superfast versatile identity verification (IDV) solution. After being underwhelmed by the slow speed of the existing IDV process, the company launched in London in 2017 with its own high-tech proposition to revolutionise the IDV process.  Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, the founders now provide verification results within an amazing 30 to 60 seconds. Congratulations to Shufti Pro for shaking up the IDV process and helping its clients improve their customer service.”

This award is yet another achievement for Shufti Pro after winning Best in Biz Award 2020 for best consumer service of the year. It offers a seamless experience to its users and the support team is always available to address customer queries and issues. CEO of Shufti Pro, Victor Fredung, showed his gratitude on winning this award. In his statement he said,

“We are delighted to receive this award for our outstanding IDV services. It is just the start of our success. We have a long way ahead. Shufti Pro was developed with a vision to streamline the identity verification process within seconds and help the businesses improve their customer service. And this award is proof we are moving in the right direction.”