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What Laura Miele Learned From Launching Anthem and Apex Legends

Howdy Freelancers! While very little information about Anthem has been shared during E3 2019, we have got a little bit of information regarding the game’s launch, and how it compares to that of Apex Legends. This information comes from Laura Miele, who was appointed as EA’s Chief of Studios last year.

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Anthem E3 Predictions

Howdy Freelancers! E3 is usually a time of excitement for your favourite game IPs, but in more recent years that excitement has spread to current MMOs as well. However, EA have just confirmed that they’re not showing Anthem at E3, so here are my predictions for the game’s time over the course of E3 2019.

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How Will the Cataclysm Vendor Work?

Howdy Freelancers! As part of the Cataclysm livestream Bioware explained that there’s going to be an entirely new vendor available for the duration of this new time-limited event. The vendor will have powerful new gear for us to collect, but they’ll also require a brand new currency.

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Anthem Cataclysm Livestream Summary

Howdy Freelancers! I know you all probably watched the Cataclysm livestream that Bioware held last week, but in case you didn’t you needn’t worry because I took notes! I’ll go through everything that Bioware covered in the livestream here, but if you’re looking for a quick summary I’ve put a video of my personal highlights from the stream below.

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Anthem at EA Play 2019

Howdy Freelancers! A lot of news came out of Bioware’s most recent livestream about the upcoming Cataclysm, but one of the most interesting things we were told is that Anthem will be at E3 2019.

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Will CD Projekt Red Learn From Bioware?

Howdy Freelancers! It’s no secret that Anthem has had a messy launch. There have been a number of pieces of news that have emerged since the launch of the game, which I haven’t actually reported on yet because I still believe there’s more to be said, that paint the picture of a hijacked game. There have even been things such as rumours of EA wanting to make the game Free-to-Play, and frankly it’s all getting out of control.