Howdy Freelancers! That name, Freelancer, is going to mean more and more to me, and a lot of us, as we head into 2019. That’s why I’ve started That Guy Who Plays Anthem.

I’m extremely excited for Anthem, Bioware’s brand new IP and first MMO. It’s got a lot of stuff going on in it that I’m really into, but I’ll explore why I’m excited about Anthem in a different article.

This website is going to be full of Anthem-related content, but with a bit of something different. That difference is me, my opinion, and what I hope to be my own personal flair that I can apply to everything I create for it.

I’m just now getting into the Anthem community, the subreddit, the YouTubers, and even the fantastic podcasts. There’s a lot out there, and I want to be part of it, so here I am. 

The primary content I’ll be creating for the site is articles. These will cover the latest news for Anthem, community highlights, guides, basically everything you’d want from an Anthem website. In addition I’m going to write articles about what I’m interested in, things like why I’m excited about the game, what I’m looking forward to doing in it, even an entire piece dedicated to one small part of the game that I adore for no reason.

The secondary form of content I’ll be creating for That Guy Who Plays Anthem is videos! I’ve set up a YouTube channel that has 0 subscribers currently, just how it should be with no videos. From here on out I’ll be coming up with ideas for videos and putting them up on the channel for everyone to view.

My hope is that I can curate a community of like minded Freelancers who are just excited about playing the game. My articles and videos should reflect that, but I hope that with feedback from the community this website becomes a hub of what Anthem fans are interested in. 

Let me know what you think of the website so far in the comments. I expect this article to get buried since it’s my first, but it’ll be interesting to see how the site evolves from this post to one I write in a year. 

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