Howdy Freelancers! I’ve been lurking around the various places where the Anthem community hang out, mainly the developer streams and the subreddit. What I’ve seen there is a lot of really awesome people pooling their enthusiasm for Anthem, but also a fair amount of talk about how to play Anthem early.

I’ve pre-ordered Anthem for Playstation 4, and I was aware of the early access I’d get with that. I don’t have a decent gaming PC or an Xbox One, so I know I can’t get the super early access, but the VIP demo is good enough for me. The thing is that with all the recent talk about cross-play between platforms some Freelancers reckon they can just sync their accounts and access the demos super early anywhere. This, unfortunately, isn’t the case, so I’ve put together everything you could possibly need to know about accessing Anthem early. All the dates, all the platforms, all here. Enjoy.

EA Access/Origin Access – Anyone who pre-orders Anthem for PC through either of these services has already been able to play Anthem. There are going to be a number of early Alphas running up until February 1st, and any version of the game pre-ordered through these EA services will get access.

General pre-orders – Currently anyone who pre-orders Anthem will get access to the VIP demo. This demo runs from January 25th to the 27th, and it’s going to be brilliant. It’s still going to be really early access but will give us all a glimpse at the game. I’m not 100% sure if progress made in this demo will make it through to the full version of the game.

Open Demo – This demo is open to everyone, literally everyone. It runs from February 1st to the 3rd, and at this point it time it should be the full version of the game. This is available across all platforms, so you can just wait for this demo if you’re not sure that you want to pre-order it and put all that money down.

Play from February 15th – Yes! The game is available for a whole week early, if you’re signed up to EA Access/Origin Access. These services will allow you to play Anthem, the full game in its entirety, from February 15th on PC and Xbox One. However, you can’t play this particular ‘demo’ on Playstation 4. This is really where I saw the confusion starting, so I hope you all find it a bit easier to understand.

As always let me know if I got anything/everything wrong in the comments. Also let me know which demo you’re looking forward to!

Image Source: EA


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