Anthem looks like it’s going to be a really fantastic game. I’ve been getting more and more into it as time goes by and Bioware reveal more about it, but it was more of a general feeling as opposed to specific things I liked. So I’ve pushed myself here and figured out 5 reasons why I’m excited about Anthem. 

1 – Flying

I don’t know about you but when I was growing up games didn’t have great controls or mechanics. Any game that did flying well, or that sort of free-roam gameplay that made you almost feel like you were flying through jumping as Hulk, or web-slinging as Spider-Man

The flying in Anthem looks to be the best I’ve ever seen. I know what you’re thinking, try flight simulators or something similar, and I have done! Tom Clancy’s Hawx was an incredible place for me to fly aircraft around in and do all sorts of crazy stuff. But it wasn’t sci-fi.

Anthem has Freelancers flying around the world in what are effectively suits of armour, something that Iron Man has been doing for years. No game has come close to looking as good while flying as Anthem has, and I don’t think any game has ever come close to the feeling you’ll have from flying in it.

I know it’s not a huge part of the game, but with a title that’s going to consume so much of my life this sort of thing matters.

2 – Exploration

The world of Anthem is exactly what I expected from Bioware, like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The game’s world is one that’s unfinished, and the creators have abandoned it. The Anthem of Creation was being used to power the tools, Shapers, that make the world, but now they’re all that’s left. these Shapers create rifts in the world’s reality, or that’s what they look like anyway, creating so many unforseen situations, abominations, and exciting opportunities.

Anthem’s world is way more than just interesting dressing on some rocks you fly over though. Everywhere has places to explore, and things to find, and that’s what I’m excited about specifically.

In one of the developer livestreams it was mentioned that as Freelancers play the game they’ll be flying around everywhere, and if they want to extend flight time they could fly through water. Under that water there could well be a cave, and inside that cave a whole labyrinth of enemies to kill and loot to find and secure.

None of this is laid out for Freelancers to find though, it’s all about dynamic gameplay. We get to find all of this stuff if we put in the time to explore. I find this amazing because games have progressed so close to giving players all the information there is that there’s almost no point in exploring. Anthem is set to change that though, and I love it.

3 – Javelins

I’ll be honest, I’ve literally never played as any other class but Hunter in Destiny and Destiny 2. I’ve poured in hundreds of hours but I’ve still only run with this class, and that’s because I knew what I liked from when I played the alpha and beta tests.

Anthem is going to have similar tests, as well as a VIP demo and early access. I’m excited to try out all four Javelin classes and find out which one I identify with most for the way I play. With that said, I’m excited to try them all out, and play with all of them throughout my time with the game and into the future.

The way that Anthem works, as far as I can tell, is by giving you and your friends different ways to play together. All the different activities are suited to specific Javelins, and that means we’re all going to have to try out each one and get comfortable using them.

Every Javelin works in a completely different way to all the others. I don’t think this is scary, I think it’s going to be fun learning how to make the most of them all.

The Storm and Ranger classes for example, seem far more adept at flying around the battlefield and dealing damage from above. The Interceptor and Colossus are most definitely suited to ground-based combat, but they too can fly and change things up if needed.

I think that the major differences between the Javelins is what’s so great about them. The Colossus is the tank, dealing and taking damage. The Interceptor is the sneaking melee specialist, getting things done and wrecking the enemy behind their own lines. The Storm is all about debuffing the enemy, applying elemental effects that make them easier targets for the team. Finally the Ranger is about dealing damage from afar, making the most of their weaponry without taking an awful lot of damage.

I’m excited to get to know all of these Javelins, and how they’ll specifically work in my hands.

4 – Story

Bioware are brilliant storytellers. They won my heart with Dragon Age: Origins and I’ve been hooked on that series ever since. Their worlds and the people in them make their stories fantastic, and I just can’t see anthem being any different.

I am a little unsure about how individual stories, and the impact of decisions in the world, will work in an MMO. I don’t fully understand what Bioware are doing with this, but I think it’s something they’ll excel at. They jumped into Dragon Age and made that possibly the best fantasy RPG franchise out there, so why won’t they be able to make anthem something that’s not only new and interesting, but brilliant?

5 – Community

This final thing isn’t me getting soppy, I’m genuinely excited to get to know you guys. A game that already has such a positive community is definitely going to get better when the game finally releases.

Many MMOs have an issue with toxicity in the player base, and while I think we’ll still see some toxic activity in Anthem, it won’t be as bad. For one thing there’s no PVP, so half the community won’t even exist, the one’s who bitch about Bioware nerfing that week’s current meta.

No, I can see a positive community forming right now, and that will form itself around Anthem so that everyone who plays has a good time. There will be places to find groups, clans, and no doubt a tonne of new weapon and gear analysts who love nothing more than nerd out over a shoulder pad.

So there you have it. 5 reasons why I’m excited for Anthem. I bet I can add to this as we get close to release day, with new details dropping all the time, but for now this is it. Let me know why you’re excited about Anthem in the comments.

Image Source: Variety


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