Howdy Freelancers! In the most recent trailer for Anthem we got a glimpse at the precursors to those piloting Javelins in the current day of the game. You Freelancers! But who were the Legion of Dawn? What were they about, and why did they create the first Javelins? Let’s explore the lore, but first check out the trailer below.

The voiceover from the trailer is as follows, “In the darkest chapter of humanity’s history, it was the Legion of Dawn who brought us into the light. Our world is a violent and cruel place. For centuries, we lived at its mercy, unable to rise above the violent chaos that shook our land and mutated the creatures around us. We would be suffering still, if not for the Legion of Dawn. Under the eye of General Helena Tarsis, they built the first javelins, protected us from the chaos, and created a new future for all those who came after. Their story – her story – is what makes ours possible.”

From this we can discern that the Legion of Dawn are disciples of Helena Tarsis, the hero of the entire trailer here. The Javelin Helena uses, the Javelin of Dawn, is one of the few originally created by Arden Vassa. This small group of pilots fought against the forces threatening humanity, making it possible for fortified cities to be built where we can thrive.

Now Freelancers are continuing the work of the Legion of Dawn. We’re loading ourselves up into the most technologically advanced machines humanity have ever created, and taking on the forces of an unfinished planet.

So far this is all the information we have on the Legion of Dawn, other than that they existed 500 years before the modern day in Anthem. With the game’s setting being on a world that’s been only half-forged, we have very little way of knowing just what sort of time this is. I think it’s safe to say that 500 years is more than enough time for humanity to perfect the Javelin design, so what we’re flying is the best of the best. The question is, how good was the Legion of Dawn armour that it’s still so revered? Let me know what you think about it in the comments.

Image Source: Dualshockers

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