Howdy Freelancers! While scanning through the various profiles and websites hosting excitement for Anthem, I came across one fan in particular who’s been doing something incredible.

Over on Reddit NoGhostRdt has been posting their work as soon as they can get it out. What is this work? Pixel art of each Javelin type. I’ve included all of the pixel art below, one for each Javelin, because I think that this is just the best expressions of enthusiasm for a game before it’s even released.

Ranger Pixel Art
Storm Pixel Art
Colossus Pixel Art
Interceptor Pixel Art

This art is just one example of the great things coming out of the Anthem community. You Freelancers are so passionate about the game before it’s even out, showing that the player base around the game when it launches is going to be that much stronger come February 22nd.

While I love all of these images, I think my favourite definitely has to be the Colossus pixel art. I’ve got a real soft spot for the Colossus Javelin, and it look seven better in pixel form.

Looking at these images you can sort of imagine what Anthem would look like as a game made with pixel art. A 2D shooter, based online, with MMO elements. I think it would be bloody brilliant, but not even half as brilliant as what we’ve seen of Anthem so far.

What would be really cool to see is more of these pixel art pieces once the game’s released, but featuring the customisation options we can change on each Javelin. I’d really love to see each Javelin with the wood-style customisation that all of you Freelancers seem to be going on about. Imaging all of these, brown, wood grain, with twigs and leaves sticking out of them.

Taking this one step further, how about we get some pixel art of the environments we’ve seen so far in the livestreams? The Stronghold we’ve been shown in particular could have some very nice pixel art done of it if someone was inclined to create such a thing.

Let me know what you Freelancers think about this pixel art in the comments. All of the art is from the Reddit user I mentioned above. You’ve probably seen it pasted all over Instagram so do the creator a favour and like everything you see.

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