Howdy Freelancers and happy new year 2019! It’s been a long ride waiting for Anthem but we’re finally just 50 days out from the game’s full release. We’re probably going to start seeing a lot more details emerge over the next few weeks as February and the demos creep up on us, but we’ve already gleamed loads from one location in particular.

Of course I’m taking about Michael Gamble’s Twitter account. The Lead Producer of not only Anthem, but the Mass Effect games and expansions as well, has been answering questions left, right, and centre with what seems like every spare moment he has. He’s even gone as far as to change his Twitter bio to tell everyone that it’s fine to stream the anthem demo available between January 25th and 27th.

If you’ve been paying attention then you may already know the details I’m going to talk about, but if not I have some news regarding the upcoming demos for Anthem that go live in February.

When asked what content would be available in the upcoming demos he responded by saying there would be a good cross-section of content. Specifically he said that there would be some freeplay around Tarsis, missions, and a Stronghold. He added that Freelancers would start at level 10, and none of the progress made in the demo is going to carry across to the main game.

Let’s break this down. So we know Fort Tarsis is the a fortified settlement where we can walk around, chat to people, pick up missions, and generally take some time to appreciate the quiet of Anthem between the chaos. Having a degree of freeplay around here indicates that we’re avoiding early story spoilers, which could be in areas that will be locked off in the February demos. This is going to restrict us somewhat, but I think that’s important to avoid knowing what’s going to happen in the game too early on. At least we’ll be able to get to know some of the characters better.

Missions and Strongholds are something we’ve seen before. We more or less know that these will be a variety of easy and hard quests to complete, with Strongholds probably being the most challenging activities in the demos. Unfortunately I really don’t think that the demos are a good place to begin to track the loot reward system from. These are definitely going to change once the game releases, and they’ll definitely change between the demo and full game release. What they will be good for tracking is the story, seeing what’s happening to the world of Anthem and what our part as Freelancers is in it.

The starting level of 10 for the demo is intriguing, and indicates that up until that point we’re going to see a hell of a lot of story, otherwise we’d be able to play it now. My best guess is that those early levels see world building and characters entering the story, which Bioware doesn’t want us to see until the final release. I get that and I think the final game release will be all the better for it.

Finally, the fact that progress doesn’t carry across to the main game shouldn’t be an issue. We’re playing the game early and that should be enough. We’ll probably get some cosmetic rewards for being part of these demos and helping Bioware kick their servers over for testing purposes, but nothing more. The best part about games like Anthem is the progress from zero to hero, and we won’t get that if we can carry the progress across from a demo that begins in the middle of that journey.

Let me know what you think about this news around the February demos in the comments.

Image Source: EA


  1. Expect a very incomplete game with the people bothered to play it AND game journalists running to its defence saying “its a Beta, there is absolutely no way that this will be all you can do when the game launches”. Then the game launches exactly the way it was 3 weeks earlier and you are all super shocked by it.

    Hey it happened with Sea of Thieves and then over 7 months later with Fallout 76 and their Betas. Why not again?

    • Do you know what? Based on the current trends and what we’ve seen from the industry, you’re probably right. I’m still gonna hold off and think it’ll be brilliant though 🙂

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