Howdy Freelancers! You may or may not have noticed the new Anthem gameplay drop over on IGN recently. This gameplay is of the mission, Lost Arcanist, and is the first in a series of new coverage videos from the press outlet to come over the weeks leading up to Anthem’s launch.

I’ve watched this gameplay and as with all Anthem gameplay, was very excited. I thought the only good thing to do was to go through and give you my personal highlights from this new gameplay footage. These aren’t new features I’ve noticed or potential spoilers, they’re just things I’ve really enjoyed in the video.

I’ve created a video covering these points which you can view below. In it I’m watching the footage on YouTube, which I really want to make clear is not my own. If, however you can’t hear or view the video for whatever reason, I’ve written up everything I say below it anyway.

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Contract (0.37)

This is just something I’ve picked up on because the developers have talked about activities called Legendary Contracts. I wonder if contracts are different to main story missions in that it’s optional when you complete them, if at all? In my head it sounds as if they work in the same way as Adventures in Destiny 2

Fast Travel Point (1.59, 5.37)

We already know that the map in Anthem is going to be made up of a huge number of icons, including fast travel points. I just thought it was interesting how you barely even have to pass the area by in order to acquire the fast travel point, as you can see here for what looks like one named First Refuge, and again for Morning’s Ridge. This is going to make world exploration much quicker, but also hints at the massive size of the map if you can unlock fast travel just by passing through somewhere.

Gates (4.33)

It’s only a mention in the voiceover but Gates are referred to as a way for the enemies to travel to this area. I’ve not heard developers or other fans talking about Gates before, so for me it’s the first mention of it. Seems like Gates are a way of travelling great distances in a short amount of time, but there’s no clarification on how this works.

Gates actually come into play later at around 7 minutes into the video when Scars attack during a part of the mission that requires defence. I think it’s interesting that Gates are used so much by the enemy and not a lot by Freelancers, but then again they have Javelins.

At 14.46 we see Matthias stepping towards what looks like a Gate back to Fort Tarsis. I did wonder if Gates were ever used by Humanity and this seems to confirm it. What I want to know is whether or not Freelancers will get to use them to move about the world. I’d also love to know what stops Scars from using Gates to enter Fort Tarsis and wipe us all out. Maybe there’s some sort of anti-gate technology built into the wall around the city? If so then Gates would be similar to apparating in the Harry Potter universe. You can’t apperate within the grounds of Hogwarts, and you can’t use Gates within the walls of Fort Tarsis.

Legion of Dawn Statue (9.23)

I wasn’t sure if this was a Legion of Dawn statue. After the trailer featuring Helena Tarsis it looks like it could be another member of the precursor group to Freelancers. I wonder which member of the Legion this is, and if they also did something great for Humanity. It could be this status is of an evil character, someone who was a member of the races that rule dover Humanity before the Legion of Dawn, and Helena Tarsis, set us all free. This will definitely be something I’ll be trying to find out in the VIP demo.

There’s another statue at 9.41 int he video that could be yet another Legion of Dawn member, or just the same person in a different pose. It’s hard to tell because they both have spears. Scars have overrun this place so I think it’s safe to say it’s fallen into disrepair. Maybe it’s just a temple to the Legion of Dawn that had to be abandoned because it couldn’t be protected.

The Runs (11.48)

I’ve never heard of The Runs being mentioned regarding Anthem. As the video goes on it seems like these are tunnels that go under this temple, and could go further out for miles and miles around the world. I guess if this is an unfinished world, The Runs could be areas where machines were being used to build it. I expect these will be areas Freelancers need to explore throughout the game’s story and beyond.

Looking at The Runs as the video goes on I’m actually reminded of the tunnels under the cities in Assassin’s Creed 3. In that game they were an area that was used to unlock fast travel points throughout the game’s larger areas, but they gave you this feeling of exploring somewhere that people haven’t stood for a hundred years or so. In Anthem I reckon this is going to feel more like standing somewhere that Humans have never set foot before.

Synergy (14.08)

Bioware like to talk a lot about the synergies between Javelins. This is how Freelancers will use their different abilities to take down tougher enemies. Here we get a good look at the Storm Javelin freezing the enemy so that the Colossus can get in enough damage to finish it off. All the while the Interceptor is picking off the smaller enemies around the area, ensuring that the others aren’t too bothered by crossfire.

I can’t wait to experience this in-game because I think it’s going to help make us all feel more like we’re part of something bigger. Too many games make players feel like gods. But in Anthem you know you’re part of an army that strongest together.

That’s everything I saw and wanted to point out about the video. I hope you Freelancers found it interesting. Let me know what you thought of the gameplay, and anything you thought was worth pointing out, in the comments.


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