The Storm Javelin is Anthem’s take on the Mage or Wizard class. This Javelin is what is commonly referred to as a glass cannon in RPGs, incredibly strong with powerful abilities, but very little defence if any.


The Storm Javelin is one of the least manoeuvrable in Anthem. It’s second only to the Colossus in terms of sluggishness. However, the Storm makes up for its lack of agility with an upgraded jump ability. The Storm can float for a limited time after jumping in order to course-correct before beginning flight or attacking enemies, allowing Freelancers using one a grace period if they mess up.

Those using Storm Javelins can also take advantage of a much increased hover time compared to others. The caveat here is that while in the air Storms have very limited cover options, and almost constant lines of sight between them and any attackers. The lower defences of the Storm Javelin require Freelancers to be vigilant and keep moving so they aren’t pinned down or ganged up on while dealing their massive damage from above.

An ethereal dodge gives Storm Javelins the power to easily avoid incoming fire while on the go. Their shield is also much stronger compared to other Javelins, absorbing more damage and recharging faster while the Javelin is hovering.


The Storm Javelin uses two main Seals for combat customisation, Blast Seals, and Focus Seals.

Blast Seals

The Blast Seals you’re able to equip on the Storm Javelin, and their respective abilities in combat, are as follows.

Lightning Strike: This Seal creates a targeted lightning strike that deals lightning damage to an area.

Ice Storm: This Seal causes a field of ice to be created in the desired area, which builds up until a massive, final explosion of Frost damage.

Flame Burst: This Seal creates a fast explosion that deals fire damage to the target area.

Rime Blast: This Seal fires a flurry of ice projectiles at the enemy, dealing damage to ranged targets, and freezing closer ones.

Living Flame: This Seal blasts out a burst of flame energy which will set enemies alight after tracking them.

Focus Seals

The Focus Seals change the kinetic shots from the Storm Javelin, their effects are as follows.

Hoarfrost Shards: This Seal sees the Storm fire shards of ice at enemies, which will slowly freeze targets in place.

Fireball: This Seal allows Storms to fire rapid small fire blasts at enemies, or charge their shot up for a bigger shot and higher damage.

Ball Lightning: This Seal makes Storms shoot electrical charges that can bounce off of walls. This particular Seal can see shots navigate cover to attack hidden enemies if used skilfully.

Glacial Beam: This Seal makes Storms shoot a beam of ice energy at targets.

Arc Burst: This Seal causes the Storm to create a blast of electrical energy which will seek out nearby enemies and deal massive damage. This one is better for thinning out larger groups of enemies.

Melee Attack

The Storm Javelin is equipped with a melee attack like the other Javelins. It causes the Storm to teleport towards the enemy, blasting out a small fiery explosion in their direction. This causes the enemy to be blown away, as well as damaging them.

As you can guess, the idea behind this melee attack is to give the Storm a chance to get some distance from enemies. As a Javelin that isn’t too well defended naturally, having an ability to create some space bewteen them and the ones causing damage is extremely useful.

Passive Abilities

Support Seals

When it comes to passive abilities you can pick and choose from, the Storm has two different Support Seals.

Wind Wall: This Seal uses wind to create a defensive wall that blocks enemy projectiles. Any Freelancers who enjoy sniping enemies from a distance will enjoy this added level of defence.

Nexus: This Seal is definitely more of a support build loadout option. It creates a field which reduces the cooldown timers of any other Javelins that enter, meaning your team can fire off more high-damage attacks.

Ultimate Ability

The Storm has one of the most powerful ultimate abilities among Javelins. With its lower defences and tendency towards dealing huge damage in all other ways, this is hardly a surprise.

Elemental Storm

When Freelancers rocking a Storm Javelin use Elemental Storm they literally summon forth all of the elements at the Storm’s disposal. This foul expulsion of nature causes huge damage to enemies.

Frost, electricity, and fire are rained down upon the target area before a meteor is then dropped on anything left standing. This ultimate is insane to look at, and deals just about as much damage as it sounds like it should.


Storm Javelins can create combos with their various abilities. Since Freelancers will be combining elements such as frost and fire over the two different Seal types, this makes sense.

The way this will work in practice, is that once an enemy has been hit enough with one type of element, such as frost, they will come under a status effect, in this case frozen. This frozen enemy can then be killed with a fire Seal in order to create a combo blast that emits from the corpse. The enemy will explode and cause nearby foes to freeze just like it did, opening up the chance for further combos.

As far as playing as the Storm Javelin goes that’s your lot. It’s important to remember that just like with weapons on other Javelins you’re going to be able to min/max the crap out of this javelin, making for a number of interesting builds.

Let me know how you’re going to loadout your Storm in the comments. And be sure to check out IGN’s Storm-focussed video, showing off a couple of crazy powerful builds. I did a video recently explaining my highlights from their gameplay video which you should check out as well.

Image Source: EA

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