Howdy Freelancers! If you’re like me then you’re planning on spending a lot of time on your own in Anthem when it launches. The game is built by Bioware, who are specialists in creating experiences that overload the senses, and are best played on your own.

However, Anthem is an online multiplayer title, which means you need to experience at least some of it with other Freelancers. While this is the case, it’s been confirmed now just how you can interact with others where necessary, but still avoid them for the most part.

Over on Twitter Ben Irving replied to a Tweet yesterday asking if Anthem is going to have public matchmaking, or if we’d need to form a team prior to an activity in order to start it. He replied saying that every single activity in Anthem has public matchmaking, and that if you’re required to team up with other Freelancers, then the game will do that for you, unless you already have friends with you. This works with an Opt Out option, meaning you can choose to just do the activity with your friends, or add more people to the party.

In the Destiny franchise there have always been activities that require players to group together. Only some of these activities have matchmaking, and it’s infuriating. This meant that a lot of the game’s content was locked off unless you had a clan that you ran with, or used an LFG website set up by someone in the community.

Personally I think that if a game is going to force you to play with others for certain parts of it, there should be a matchmaking option. Incidentally this has now been implemented in the form of ‘Guided Games’ in Destiny 2.

I’m really excited about the fact that everything, from the smallest exploration activity, to the hardest raid is going to be open for everyone to play solo, at least in one sense. I’m sure it’ll be necessary to either have a mic, or at least know what you’re doing in harder activities, regardless of the matchmaking.

Bioware have really given Anthem a step up on other MMORPGS with this feature. I think that this was important for the game, especially since it launches without a PVP mode, something you’d expect matchmaking in as standard. Let me know what you think of this glorious news in the comments.

Image Source: GamingBolt

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