Howdy Freelancers! One upcoming Freelancer in particular has found something pretty interesting from all of the new content being banded around about Anthem lately. This relates to Alliances, and their impact in terms of player progression.

What are the benefits of being in an Alliance in Anthem?

The benefits of being in an Alliance in Anthem come in the form of bonus XP and coins. XP is how your pilot level will progress, while coins are a premium currency used to purchase cosmetics and other additional items.

I recently reported on the fact that there is matchmaking for every activity in Anthem. I wonder if this news hints that there’s a way to play through each activity on your own completely if you want to?

In the image below, pointed out by Reddit user AnthemJavelin, we can see that there will be a bonus awarded to Freelancers playing in groups or in Alliances.

Thanks AnthemJavelin!

The text in this image, “No Alliance members yet! Add other Freelancers to your Friend list, or find some by playing Public or Reinforce Opportunities“, indicates that if we play solo we won’t get any bonuses. However, the text also indicates that if we play in wither Public mode or Reinforce Opportunities mode, then we will be able to hook up with others, and get a bonus after every activity because of it.

We can also see some more text in the bottom left there, “Weekly Contributor Bonus“. This looks like it could be a similar system to the Clans in Destiny 2. The way these Clans work is that everyone has Clan Bounties they can complete. The more they complete, the more XP they contribute to the Clan for that season. Every week there are bonus rewards for certain activities, and for adding a certain amount of Clan XP.

Judging by the coins next to this second piece of text I think that it’s fair to say that we’ll be getting more coins and more XP by adding to our Alliance’s XP, or contributing to them in some way by playing different activities.

How does being in an Alliance affect my progression in Anthem?

To put it simply, if you’re in an Alliance you’re going to level up faster. This means you can access all the Javelins earlier, work through the weapon tiers faster, and generally do everything a fraction of time before everyone else.

This could change though, because it feels a bit unbalanced. More people like to play Bioware games solo than they do in groups. This system is going to cause a pretty large divide in the player base of Freelancers from day one of Anthem’s release. However, I do believe that the boost received as a result of being in an Alliance won’t be massive.

If Bioware made it so that you progressed half as fast for playing solo, yes that’s a bad feature. But with so many games such as Destiny 2 forcing players to band together in order to access content, and receiving bad press for it, I can’t see why Bioware would implement such a think in Anthem. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Image Source: Wccftech


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