Howdy Freelancers! Michael Gamble has once again given us a beautiful tidbit of information over on Twitter thanks to his never ending quest to respond to every question we ask him. Today it’s regarding the progression of characters between demos and the main release of Anthem.

Michael Gamble’s Tweeted response

That’s right! Demo progress will carry across between the VIP Anthem demo, which runs from the 25th of January until the 27th of January, and the open demo, which runs from the 1st of February until the 3rd of February.

I think the confusion Father Crimbo was experiencing here was understanding where the demo progress was carrying over from. Michael Gamble and others at Bioware have already said before that progress won’t carry across from any demo to the main game. The reason for this is because these demos are quite only now in comparison to the main game, and not only would a lot of the files and data be outdated, there could be a number of bugs that now don’t exist in the current version of Anthem.

However, I wasn’t aware that progress would carry across between the demos, so I’m very glad that this question was asked and answered regardless.

What this does mean is that all the time we spend in the VIP demo next week is going to be saved for the next demo, allowing us to progress even further and do even more in Anthem before the game releases. Again, these demos are old builds of the game and will have a lot of stuff missing from them, but the fact that the VIP demo effectively gives us 3 extra days with the game means we can see everything there is to see in those demo builds.

Is 3 extra days going to make a difference? I think it will. With all of the footage we’ve seen of Anthem so far one key point has been demonstrated, there’s stuff to do everywhere. Even heading out into the world and killing an enemy in a Public Event can open up a door to somewhere new to explore. These aspects of Anthem are what keep it interesting, but more than that, they’re what keep it mysterious.

I believe that Anthem isn’t going to be a game the community uncovers everything about within weeks of launch. It’s going to be a slow burn that takes years to unfold, and it’s going to be a lot of fun for those of us along for the ride from this point on. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Image Source: EA

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