Howdy Freelancers! IGN recently released yet another great Anthem video. This time they went into great details about the way story is explored during missions in Anthem. I thought it was worth going through and discussing just what it tells us about the layout of the story in Anthem. Check out the video below.

IGN Anthem Hidden Depths Gameplay

The first thing I think it’s worth pointing out is the consistency of the story in terms of characters. It appears as though this story mission comes after the Lost Arcanist gameplay we saw previously. You can see the same Arcanist here giving the Freelancer the next mission, showing that as a result of that Arcanist being rescued, events have unfolded.

Something known as Arcanist runes are dotted around the world as the Freelancers go out in search of a tower. Whether these exist outside of missions, or even just this mission, is up for debate. I think it would be interesting if these runes were something that could be collected in order to progress along a specific quesline, but only time will tell us how much they’re used.

Lots of games do this next thing, but not many MMOs that I’ve come across do it. The dialogue between Freelancers and the Arcanist back in Fort Tarsis reveals a lot more about the character than you’d expect. This delivers a lot more depth in the gameplay, because we’re learning about the characters within the world as well as the world itself. I would absolutely love it if this is standard for all missions and characters.

There’s a puzzle required to open a door at around the 7.20 mark in the video. I think it’s interesting that this is part of the mission, since most MMOs will pile in the action in missions, and put the puzzles out there separately. In Destiny 2 the puzzles are usually an optional extra for those who really want to solve something in their favourite game, but here in a very Uncharted-style the puzzles are part of the core game. The story is therefore more rewarding because we unlock more of it by progressing and solving this puzzle.

At the very end of the mission a metre is filled out a little more, you’d be forgiven for missing it because it’s so unnoticeable. This metre is named ‘Arcanist Association’ and it looks like a reputation metre. As a result of completing this mission the Freelancers appear to have gained standing with the Arcanists, which we all know can lead to better rewards, more missions, and maybe even exclusive loot. I’d like to think that Bioware is using these metres as a way to stagger story, tasking us with completing all kinds of activities for every group in order to unlock more missions, story, and understanding about the world of Anthem.

That’s everything that I thought this particular video could tell us about the way story is dealt with in Anthem. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Image Source: IGN

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