Howdy Freelancers! If you weren’t already aware you can now preload the Anthem VIP demo for whatever platform you’re going to be playing on. The demo has been a long time coming, but if you’re not in don’t worry because the public demo is live next week anyway. The VIP demo is for those who have pre-ordered Anthem, so anyone who doesn’t want to commit just yet will get a chance to play it before it comes out.

How to Download the VIP Demo

I pre-ordered Anthem on the Playstation Store, and I’ve already had a message via that service to say that the Anthem VIP demo is live for me to download. Simply searching for Anthem in the Store makes it show up to purchase for free. It’s set to download right now.

As far as I know this is the same case for the Xbox Marketplace, so anyone on either of these services should check for messages and notifications.

For EA Access subscribers I’m pretty sure that the demo is available to download as soon as you log into your account. If it isn’t you need to contact EA’s help services, and not Michael Gamble. However, Michael has put up a helpful FAQ for most of the common questions you’ll have here, so check it out before you go and hassle him.

Interestingly the VIP Demo goes live at 5PM local time everywhere, or UTC. That means that as long as you have it downloaded you’re going to be able to play from 5PM wherever you are. I think this is really important because it means that the servers are going to see a staggered influx of players, which should hopefully stop them from falling over and crashing.

Half the issue with these early access demos and alphas is that players overload them by jumping in all at once. The developers don’t help things by putting the demos live at the same time worldwide, but if they’re really testing stuff then the servers should be ready for that sort of thing.

But I digress, the demo is going live and you’re able to preload it now. Those are the two main messages I had for you. Let me know if you’re going to be playing this weekend in the comments.

Image Source: Daily Star

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