Update 01/02/2019

Howdy Freelancers! This is just a quick update to say that below are the VOD versions of my livestreams of the Anthem VIP Demo. I had loads of fun playing, despite the issues. Check them out if you want to prepare for the open demo launching later today. I’ll be streaming the open demo all weekend on my Twitch channel if you fancy popping by again!

The first livestream
The second livestream

Original Article

Howdy Freelancers! This weekend I’m going to be streaming the Anthem VIP Demo, so I thought I’d give you all the info about when and where you can watch me if you fancy it.

I’ve streamed games before but for this website I’ll specifically be streaming Anthem. I want to keep the channel focussed, which should allow me to go over different aspects of the game in greater detail, particularly the endgame.

So firstly, you can find me on my Twitch channel. It’s under the same name as this website, ThatGuyWhoPlaysAnthem is where I’ll be streaming the VIP demo this weekend, tonight (January 25th) from about 8PM GMT until midnight, and on Sunday, January 27th. The stream times for Sunday haven’t been finalised yet, but I think it’ll be the same times as tonight.

You can also find my streams on my YouTube channel of the same name. I’ll be uploading them here once I’ve finished streaming, and I’ll also be creating videos from other gameplay I record while the VIP demo is live. I’ll be putting up various videos of different things I do, as well as making videos about other subjects in Anthem using the footage.

If there’s anything in particular you want me to do in Anthem then head over to the Twitch or YouTube channels and let me know there. I’ll be listening to what you say and I want to see as much as you do in this demo. If you aren’t going to be playing it then definitely check out the videos I make and the streams I do of it.

I think there are some incredible streamers doing their own content out there. It’s worth following Anthem on Twitter and Instagram in order to see who they’re promoting. All the big streamers like King Gothalion are taking on the game while it’s fresh, as you do. I imagine they’ll drop it soon after launch on order to keep their content fresh, but as I said I’ll be streaming nothing but Anthem for as long as the game is live. Let me know what you think of the VIP demo in the comments.

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