Howdy Freelancers! Fort Tarsis is the central hub in Anthem where we’ll be spending most of our time outside of our Javelins. It acts as a location to gather new quests, advance the story, and learn more about the world of Anthem itself.

IGN recently released a video exploring Fort Tarsis. In it they met many of the characters we’ve seen before, fleshed out their roles, and got a look at some of the more advanced mechanics in the game through their visual representations here. Check out the video below.

IGN Fort Tarsis Gameplay

So What Exactly do you do in Fort Tarsis?

Based on IGN’s gameplay we can see that Fort Tarsis is a nice mixture of the social spaces in other MMOs, such as The Farm and The Tower in Destiny 2, and a fully realised city just like those found in games such as Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

Fort Tarsis is packed and bustling with people. There are several factions littered everywhere, all of which we’ll be interacting with as Freelancers, and they all have jobs for us to do. The vendors also have missions and quests for us, which will advance what we’re able to buy from them as well as core and side missions and quests.

The different factions are represented by various characters. There’s your pit crew who work tirelessly to ensure your Javelins are working at maximum capacity, the cosmetics vendor who’s business has fallen on hard times recently, and the Sentinels who guard the wall, and don’t feel too great about Freelancers.

The way these NPCs talk to you and act around you is all subjective. The more you do to help them, the more they’ll like you and the better their attitude to you will be. This is why I think Fort Tarsis itself feels like more of an in-game city than a social space in an MMO.


We’ll be picking up quests from various people around Fort Tarsis. Sometimes these will be obvious, sometimes they’ll be hidden until we talk to someone. As we progress through quests and missions we’ll advance the story though conversations as well, and the choices we make in these conversations can affect the outcome of certain situations.

Daily Quests

There are daily, weekly, and even monthly quests for us to complete. There’s also an Alliance contribution mechanic that can reward us as well. Each of these will award loot, and it seems like the loot should be powerful.

These are what will keep us coming back once we’ve finished all of the story content, particularly if you’re not into lore or exploring the world on your own.


This final point I want to put in is about lore mainly. Around Fort Tarsis there are various tidbits of lore that add to the world. These can come in the form of written documents, conversation snippets, or even an old radio show recording. Everything here is built for us to learn from, and I think it’s really important that we take the time to understand it all, otherwise we’ll reach the end and not know what’s going on.

That’s what we’ll be doing in Fort Tarsis. I’m sure we’ll know more next week once the VIP demo hits, but for now it seems like there’s a good chunk of content for us to take part in. It’s important to remember that Anthem’s endgame is Strongholds, and that they’ll be keeping us firmly locked in as well. Let me know what you think of Fort Tarsis so far in the comments.

Image Source: fort-tarsis

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