Howdy Freelancers! Recently there’s been quite a stirring in the community regarding the question of whether or not it’s possible to buy materials with real world money or not. But today it’s been confirmed that this is not in fact possible.

Mark Darrah Tweeted yesterday that no, it is not possible to buy crafting materials with real world money.

The reason this has been such an issue in the community is that it quite rightly shouldn’t be possible for Freelancers to purchase crafting materials. If it was possible then we’d be able to build super powerful weapons once we have the blueprints, without having to go out in search of the rare materials these blueprints require.

During the Anthem VIP Demo I spent quite a lot of time out in the world in Freeplay mode. This is the mode that allows you to explore the world of Anthem openly and without restrictions. But most importantly it is where you can get the most crafting materials from completing various activities, or just harvesting them from the bodies of your dead enemies and plants.

When it came to crafting there weren’t actually any options that I found in the demo, but the monetisation options were scarce. As I’ve already pointed out, Bioware don’t want to kill Anthem with monetisation in the same way that Activision nearly did with Destiny 2 when it launched.

The monetisation in Anthem is restricted to cosmetics only. If Bioware made it possible for us to pick up crafting materials, and therefore the weapons and other gear that make us more powerful in the game, for money, then Anthem would be ruled by the whales who have enough money to dump into games like this.

Crafting is going to be unique in Anthem in that it will be used by us to create weapons and gear as often as we want. There are going to be random drops for weapons, but we can craft them over and over to get the ones we want with the inscriptions we desire.

Inscriptions determine how the weapon buffs your Javelin. By crafting until you have the ones you want you can min/max your Javelin builds to a whole new level.

I think I’ve hammered the point home enough now but I’ll say it once more. It would be stupid and irresponsible for Bioware to allow us to do the above with money, we have to earn it all in-game. Let me know what you think of the crafting materials situation in the comments.

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