Howdy Freelancers! The Head of Live Service at Bioware, Chad Robertson, has reached out to the community on the evening before the Anthem Open Demo goes live.

The post begins with a heartfelt thanks to everyone who’s going to be playing the demo this weekend. Robertson tells us that this week at Bioware has been largely spent making fixes and improvements to the experience in the Open Demo, which begins tomorrow.

Bioware is acutely aware that the VIP Demo had a number of issues. They were so aware at the time in fact that they made every Javelin available for Freelancers early. Those who took part in the VIP Demo will have all of their progress carried across to this Open Demo, including level progression, gear, Javelins, and the completed missions.

Robertson says that the team at Bioware are confident that they’ve fixed most of the issues that plagued the last demo, but they’re all too aware that new and old issues could arise with a higher player count. given that this demo is open to everyone, it’s likely that server issues and player number-related issues will be prevalent. Since this is the case, Bioware is going to have people on hand to fix issues as they present themselves, and stay up to date answering queries via their help portal.

While Bioware have predicted the number of players who will be trying to login this weekend, they’re keen to point out that their predictions could be vastly underestimating the number of people who want to play. To combat this they have systems in place which will manage the number of Freelancers logging in. This will stem the flow of users and give Bioware time to put extra provisions in place to cope with the added strain these Freelancers present.

Here’s a tip for when you’re trying to get in. Keep looking at the Server Status page to see if you’re trying to log into a live game, or a game that’s got no servers online. It’ll save you a lot of hassle.

As part of the ongoing work at Bioware they’ve been prepping for the game’s full launch. Robertson posted a short list of just some of the features they’ve been fixing and improving for that full release on the 22nd of February:

  • Additional stability fixes
  • Further improvements to performance
  • Fixes to prevent Inscriptions from displaying incorrectly
  • Fixes to prevent Inscriptions from other Javelins being chosen
  • Fixes to customisation options that were disappearing
  • Fixes to the behaviour around gaining XP
  • Improvements to audio
  • Improvements to controls on PC, including aiming and flight
  • The Launch Bay social hub
  • And apparently there are a few thousand more things they’ve fixed that it wouldn’t be worth mentioning.

One final point I’ll make is that there’s some news that something big is going to be released in the demo on Sunday afternoon. If I were you I would stay tuned and make sure I’m either watching a stream (I’ll be streaming here if you’re interested) or playing the game so I can witness this.

Let me know if you’re playing this weekend in the comments.

Image Source: Bioware


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