Howdy Freelancers! As of last night the embargo was lifted on the endgame content of Anthem, and we’ve had the first actual confirmation of what that content is going to look like.

Yesterday the Twitter account for Skill Up posted the endgame content details. See them below.

Skull Up Tweet

So what we can see here is that we’ll be taking part in Destiny-like Strikes called Strongholds. There’s actually one of these live right now in the Anthem Open Demo, it’s called Tyrant Mine. Unfortunately there are a couple of issues getting through the final boss, which are confirmed as fixed in the final game, but it’s still fun to play through nonetheless.

The fact that the endgame consists of three of these Strongholds suggests that there are way more in the game. I can’t imagine Tyrant Mine being one fo these three because it’s relatively easy with a good group of Freelancers. I think we can surmise from this that there will be three incredibly difficult endgame Strongholds for us to take on, and I’m looking forward to those. It’s important to remember that these will have varying degrees of difficulty too, making them all the more challenging for super-powerful Javelins.

Of course we will also have repeatable missions, apparently one per day. This makes me think about how The Division worked when it launched. Once you’d completed the campaign you could access the ‘Raid’ content, and there was one mission per day that was marked for players to complete. This mission would award better gear upon completion.

I believe that this is the aim for how these daily missions will function in Anthem’s endgame. However I also think they will tie in with the Alliance system, because you can build up contributions from these endgame missions on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. There are prompts for Alliance contributions on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis in fort Tarsis.

Finally we have the continued open exploration available to us in the world of Anthem. This is Freeplay and it’s brilliant. I love exploring the world of Anthem in the VIP and Open Demos, it’s so freeing and gives you a real sense of discovery. I think that the fact that this is part of the Anthem endgame suggests that the world will be ever-evolving, changing on a regular basis and giving us more things to find as we continue to explore it.

This news should be exciting for everyone playing the Anthem Open Demo, and if you’re not already playing it go and download it on whatever platforms you prefer right now.

Let me know what you think the endgame in the comments.

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