Bioware have teased a surprise coming to the Anthem open demo later today. This news comes from a footnote in a recent blog post that celebrated the success of this weekend’s open demo.

There’s a lot of speculation over what this surprise is going to be. We already know that the customisation options are fairly fleshed out in the demo, so I don’t think there’s going to be a sudden burst of new colour options for us to use.

I think we can also rule out a new Javelin or a new story mission being opened up. Bioware have gone out of their way to make it impossible for us to track any of Anthem’s core story in this demo, so adding some at this point seems pointless so close to launch.

We also already know about Anthem’s endgame content. That’s going to be Freeplay, Strongholds, and daily story Missions. There is a theory that we’ll see a Raid today, but Bioware have already confirmed that there isn’t a Raid as such in the game, even when everything else is finished.

The most likely theory, and my personal favourite, is that we’re going to see a Shaper Storm. Bioware have talked about these events but they’ve not explained what they’re going to be yet.

What Could a Shaper Storm be?

The Shapers are the ones who built the world of Anthem. These things are extremely powerful, or very advanced, or both. they can tap into the power of black holes in order to create worlds, but for some reason they stopped part way through.

The world of Anthem is basically an NHS hospital that the building contractor stopped building part way through because they went bankrupt,. The lights are on because you can’t turn the power off, but the building is far from finished, or ready to be used as a hospital.

I think Shaper Storms are basically a discharge of Shaper energy from the tools they left behind, Relics, the Anthem, all of those things. When this energy discharges it causes a unique form of weather that can bring out powerful enemies, and is extremely dangerous to generally be out in because of lightning strikes and who knows what else.

I hope we can get an idea of what Shaper Storms are if today’s event is going to be one. flying around in it would be fun, as long as it doesn’t destroy us. More than anything I want to see what sort of enemies these storms bring out into the world.

Let me know if you think we’re going to see a Shaper Storm today in the comments.

Image Source: Wccftech

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