Howdy Freelancers! It seems as though with the Open Demo finished Michael Gamble just can’t help but cause more stirrings in the world of Anthem news. Today he revealed that not only will there be reputation challenges in the final game, but that they relate to Factions as well! Check out his Tweet below and read on for more details.

First things first, no one has talked about reputation challenges. Challenges have been mentioned, but from what the demos showed these were things you completed by basically playing Anthem, and maybe grinding towards a few as you neared their end.

What are Reputation Challenges?

In this Twitter thread Gamble goes on to talk about what these challenges actually are. There are nine, three for each of the three Factions which are; Arcanists, Freelancers, and Sentinels, at launch, but it sounds like more could come to the game, as well as more Factions.

How do you Complete Reputation Challenges?

When it comes to completing these challenges they’re much the same as others, you need to grind them. You earn points towards these challenges by completing missions, making certain choices in conversations, and doing Freeplay events. I imagine the Freeplay events will relate to which type of event they are, such as helping out the Sentinels, or a lost Arcanist, and so on based on what I’ve seen in the demos.

What Does Completing These Challenges Achieve?

The rewards for completing reputation challenges are twofold. First you can get crafting materials and Blueprints as a reward from that Faction. It would make sense that the rewarded Blueprints have a distinct feel and look about them that is themed around the Faction that you got it from, but we’ll have to wait and see if this is the case.

The second part of your reward is a change to Fort Tarsis. According to Gamble Fort Tarsis, as you see it, will alter depending on which Factions you have the most favour, and therefore reputation challenge progression, with. This could be anything from seeing more Arcanists about the place, to having giant Sentinel banners that ask for all residents of the Fort to join up.

Can You Earn and Max Out Reputation With all Factions?

Luckily this question was asked and yes is the answer. We can jump in and interact and earn reputation with all of the Factions, and max out that reputation to complete all challenges. I’m not sure what your Fort Tarsis will look like when you’ve completed all of these, but something tells me that the Factions will find a way to keep it interesting. In my head the Fort will have a section for each Faction that gets progressively more fabulous as you earn reputation.

Final Thoughts

Factions are an interesting concept in MMOs. They provide a way for us to earn gear and weapons, and have progression to chase, without there being much influence on the overall story. With Bioware I can see this being very different.

I think we’ll be able to earn and lose reputation with Factions depending on whether we help or hinder other ones. It’s never as simple as everyone wins with Bioware, there are always casualties. I’m excited to see how Factions function in the final release of the game, luckily it’s only 17 days away.

Let me know what you think about Factions and Reputation Challenges in the comments.

Image Source: VULLK

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