Howdy Freelancers! It seems as though today we’ve got some more details about how something works in Anthem. today it’s Alliances, those groups that we could earn CP for but got nothing out of in the VIP and Open Demos of Anthem over the last couple of weeks.

How Will Alliances Work?

Ben Irving told us on Reddit that Alliances will be groups we can join as part of the core game of Anthem. As we go out on Freeplay, complete Missions and Strongholds, and potentially even unlock story as we explore Fort Tarsis, we’ll be gaining Alliance XP.

Alliances are basically big pools where Freelancers will add XP. The more XP you put in, the more Coin Freelancers earn at the end of every week. A Freelancer can increase the amount of XP they put in by playing with friends on their friends list, though there could be other ways too.

How Do Guilds Come Into it?

Irving mentioned that Guilds will come into the Alliance system at some point. Bioware understand that Guilds are a vital part of the MMO ecosystem. They’re the way players can get together and team up or talk about the game and what they want to do outside of the game itself.

Guilds will be added as soon as possible to Anthem, according to Irving. They’re obviously important, and it’s great to see that Bioware care enough to bring them into the game and make it even more whole.

In other MMOs players need to resort to other means such as Discord servers or Facebook groups if they want to have a Guild. But to see a developer actively putting them into a game is something completely unprecedented, and really encouraging for the future of Anthem.

Do The Alliances Relate to Factions?

For this one I’m not sure. I would have thought that the Alliances must at least in some way relate to the various Factions found around Fort Tarsis, but I could be completely wrong.

If they don’t then they won’t expand beyond what they are at launch. However if they are then there’s room to grow, and that’s just what Bioware want.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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