Howdy Freelancers! If you didn’t know already Bioware have released the second video in the Anthem gameplay series. This video explores Anthem’s endgame content, some of which we knew about, and some of which we didn’t. Check out the video below and read on for my thoughts and more details I’ve gleamed.

Okay so the video first talks about how we’re just going to be puny little Freelancers when we start the game. We all know this, but what we didn’t know is that the core story of Anthem is going to be about the Heart Of Rage.

Heart of Rage

This was mentioned by Matthias in the recent demos, but not much more than the name was given to us. It seems as though the Heart of Rage is a Cataclysm that Freelancers need to understand and then silence.It sounds like it’s a Shaper tool that’s going a bit mental, and as a result it’s causing all sorts of nasty stuff to pop up in the world.

The story ends when we silence the Heart of Rage, but Anthem is far from finished at that point.

Level 30

We already knew that the game progresses from Easy to Grandmaster 3, and if you didn’t that’s a total of 6 difficulty levels. The trailer goes onto talking about what happens when you reach max level after the main story. By this point most Freelancers will have finished that story, but some may have just spent too long in Freeplay. Either way, this bit still applies.

Once a Freelancer hits level 30 the only way to continue improving is by bettering your Javelins. This comes down to working through the difficulty levels and earning those Masterwork weapons and other bits of gear. As you can guess, the higher the difficulty level, the better the chance of earning rarer gear.

Endgame Content

The content of the endgame of Anthem is; Contracts, Freeplay, Challenges, and Strongholds.


Now from the video it looks as though you acquire Contracts in two ways. The first is through talking to people around Fort Tarsis. These are people you’ve likely been chatting to between missions for a long time, and have built up quite a rapport with them at this point. They’ll give you these Contracts as more of a request to help them out than anything else.

The other way it seems like you can get Contracts is through notice boards. These look like they’re around Fort Tarsis, and you simply walk up to them and pick the contracts you want to complete.

Contracts are unpredictable, and seem like they can take the form of missions out in the world of Anthem, or as little jobs you need to do around Fort Tarsis. Contracts can help you increase your reputation with Factions, which is important for earning rare Blueprints that are restricted to that group.

Legendary Contracts

These are much the same as Contracts, but they’re multi-levelled and harder to complete. I imagine they’ll have a fairly tough enemy at the end that needs to be shot to death too.

An example of a Legendary Contract is needing to provide field research for Matthias, whilst also stopping the Dominion from raising a Titan. At the end the Titan wakes, and it’s down to you to destroy it before it causes too much harm.


Challenges were pretty well fleshed out in the Anthem demos. Essentially they track progression for tasks such as: kills with each weapon, number of enemies killed, number of weapons collected. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Challenges will no doubt change with the time period they’re available, offering Coin and Crafting Materials to help you further progress and personalise with your Javelin.


I played around with Strongholds a lot during the demos, but only finished the available Stronghold once. It was brilliant, and I’m very pleased that they’re part of Anthem’s endgame.

Strongholds are a bit more like Strikes in Destiny 2. Long missions with lots to do, very tough fights, and a huge boss at the end. It sounds like Strongholds are where the best loot in Anthem is, but we’ll have to wait and see because there’s some other really cool stuff in the game as well.


The video next goes on to talk about the future of the game. Over the weeks and months following release, new characters, missions, and stories are going to be added to the game. Not only will this keep the game from getting dull and repetitive, but it provides new reasons to keep coming back to it that aren’t simply grinding.

Some changes will of course relate to quality of life, and won’t change much that’s obvious. Others however, are unmissable.


These are world-altering and time limited events. Whilst a Cataclysm is live the world of Anthem will be changed, presenting new enemies, a completely different world, and strange mysteries that need to be solved.

These look really interesting, and I think they’re going to have event-specific loot as well. Part of what makes MMOs great is the community events that force us to work together, and that’s what Cataclysms are going to do for Anthem.

Those are all of the new details that have been revealed in this video, hopefully you didn’t know them either. Let me know what you think about all of these new details in the comments.

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