Howdy Freelancers! I’m coming to you once again with news direct from the Twitter feed of Michael Gamble. This guy cannot contain himself, but I love that he can’t. Today he revealed the live service roadmap for Anthem, which outlines the support that Bioware have planned out for the game after it launches. Check out his Tweet below, the images are below that so you can get a better view.

Alright, now the excitement is out of the way, let’s dive into the details about what we can see here.

Act 1 Roadmap

We can gather a lot of information from the Act 1 roadmap. This will be the period of time from launch until Act 2 begins. Given that there are 3 Acts in the wider roadmap, I’m going to say that each Act is a quarter, so Act 1 will last until March, with Act 2 taking over after its final event.

Evolving World

This update sounds like it’s going to be filled with updates for both quality of life, and new content in the world of Anthem. At a guess I’d say some of the new content will be created based on player requests, with others already in the minds of those at Bioware. I think some new mysteries will also be added with this update, purely as something to give the community to work towards as a single unit.

Stronger Together

To me this sounds like it’s going to be a story update. In the most recent Anthem video Bioware revealed that new story missions and characters are going to be added as time goes on. The phrase ‘stronger together’ is something to do with what one of the characters in Anthem says, so I can only conclude that this will be an update or addition to Anthem’s story content.

What has been said by the community is that this update is going to include new Mission, a new Stronghold, and all of the above mentioned content. It’s also been said that quality of life updates and player-requests will form part of the entire Act, so some of that may be sprinkled throughout. We will have to wait and see.

The Cataclysm

I don’t think this one’s too hard to figure out. Again in the most recent video we found out that Cataclysms are world-altering events. To me it looks like the end of Act 1 will be a Cataclysm, and it will lead to the beginning of Act 2. What form the Cataclysm will take is anyone’s guess, but we know it will change the way the world looks, and it’ll offer new opportunities for us to get better loot, and take on tougher enemies.

Gameplay Calendar

This calendar is harder to predict because the Acts other than Act 1 are simply named ‘Codex Entry Locked’. We can see that Act 1 is called Echoes of Reality, so we at least know the other two will have a name, but the images give nothing away.

I think the best we can guess is that each Act will be similar to a season in Fortnite, changing the world a bit, adding new things, and bringing the focus of the player into a new area. We might see map expansions, new Factions, or entire new campaigns to complete. Honestly it’s so hard to tell, but I think it’s safe to say these Acts will be released in a quarterly fashion.

That’s all I can gleam from the roadmap, and it’s not much. But do you know what? Having a roadmap is better than no roadmap, and at least we know that Bioware is actively working on post-launch content to continually evolve Anthem. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Image Source: GamesRadar


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