Howdy Freelancers! Michael Gamble has drip fed us another bit of news over on his Twitter account, as he so often does. This news relates to the demo files you might still have sitting around on your PC, Xbox One, or Playstation 4. Check out the Tweet below and read on to find out more as I explore this little tidbit.

What Gamble is clarifying here is that all the rewards you’ll get for playing both the VIP Demo and the Open Demo are tied to your EA account. If you’re worried if you have one, don’t be because you had to create one in order to play the demos. Hopefully the consoles remember your details, but if not there’s always password reminder systems.

The demo files are around 25GBs in size, so basically a quarter of your entire enemy on a console with 100GB available. Now unless you’re running an old PS4 or some other smaller, faster, console or PC you won’t be using that much of your memory.

However, when the final game launches it’s easily going to be double that file size. If you’re like me and you’ve ordered the game digitally then you need the space that the demo is taking up, so just delete it. If you don’t think that it’ll take up that much memory, just know that the demo was probably less than half the size of the final version of Anthem.

Anyone who played the demos is going to be getting some exclusive rewards, including vinyls and certain other cosmetics, for use in the final game. These are great because they’re only going to be available, I hope, for those of us who played these demos. If any other Freelancers see us out in the world of Anthem with these cosmetics on, they’ll know we’ve been there from the earliest point, and they’ll give us the respect we deserve.

To be honest, if nothing else it’s just nice to have some more cosmetics in the collection. Anyone who wants to have every cosmetic in a collection will need these to feel like they’ve got everything, so if that’s you don’t change your EA account.

As a final reminder, make sure you use your EA account to log into Anthem when it launches. Don’t create a new one or you’ll never have those cosmetics that you’re so rightly entitled to. Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments.

Image Source: Reddit

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