Howdy Freelancers! I wrote this entire piece way before the trailer dropped today, but now it has! So we have confirmation that Oats Studios has made a live action Anthem movie, or short film. The teaser is called Conviction: An Anthem Story. Check out the trailer below.

Blomkamp has said that Conviction is a story set decades before the story of the game Anthem. The film is set in the same universe, and even the same world. The director even commented on how much he was blown away by Bioware’s latest game, and a world that he says is fit for exploration and just waiting to be enjoyed.

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Howdy Freelancers! Early yesterday Niell Blomkamp teased a little look at a project he’s been working on. It seems like this project is a live action movie or trailer for Anthem. Check out the Tweet below and let’s dive into the details.

As you can see Blomkamp teases that he’ll be revealing the project soon, this is actually a Retweet from Oats Studios though. The studio initially Tweeted the tease but there’s little doubt that Blomkamp would have been involved with that for promotional purposes.

Niell Blomkamp was the director for District 9, a massively underrated film in my opinion. In addition to the space prawn sci-fi epic he’s also know for Elysium, another sci-fi film but starring Matt Damon. This film had a heavy focus on a sort of mech-suit, which is a perfect way to build up your directing skills for a full-blown Iron Man-style trailer.

The image in the Tweet is actually CGI, but it’s on the more realistic side as you can tell. That kind of CGI has been used before in Destiny live action trailers, as well as the live action trailers for a number of other video games. It helps to bring the games to life with all of the craziness that you’d expect, but without threatening the lives of everyone in the film crew.

Oats Studio was set up to produce experimental short films for YouTube and Steam. Their latest live action is God:City, but they also produced ADAM: Episode 3, which was actually made in Unity. They definitely seem the perfect studio to create a live action trailer that’s going to be as breathtaking as Anthem is.

Metro Exodus recently got a live action trailer, and it seems safe to say that Anthem is as deserving of one as that game. What we might be seeing here is a trend towards games getting live action trailers once again, but it could just be that the publishers are betting big on these early releases for 2019.

Let me know what you think of the news in the comments. Could this be a live action trailer, or are we looking at something much more akin to a movie?

Image Source: YouTube

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