Howdy Freelancers! Over on Twitter recently Michael Gamble, Lead Producer for Bioware and Anthem, has recently shared some tips he’d like us all to abide by. To be specific, these tips are for those Freelancers who will gain access to Anthem before its official launch on the 22nd of February.

1) Please Don’t Spoil the Story, and be Careful Watching Streams

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re sensitive about Anthem’s story, and there’s going to be a lot of it, then don’t go watching streams that will have spoilers. Likewise, if you’re streaming the game, be sensitive about those who may want to save the story for themselves. In my head there are a couple of options here.

Option 1 – Specifically Describe Your Stream

Instead of just doing a general Anthem stream, describe what you’re doing. If you’re going to go out into Freeplay for a few hours then say that you’re doing it. But if you’re playing through the game in general then ensure that you let people know that there could be spoilers.

Option 2 – Do Spoiler-free Streams

This feels like a really easy thing to say, but it’s hard to do I understand. The thing is that you can level up just as fast doing Challenges and hitting Freeplay for a few hours. If you’ve done a bunch of streams of the core Anthem game then maybe do a Freeplay stream for a day just so those who want to see the game without spoilers can do so on your channel.

2) Talk to People Between Missions

Gamble says that he is extremely proud of the writing that has gone into the stories you can experience as part of the main quest, and with smaller side characters. He actively encourages us to chat to people between heading out in our Javelins so we get to see all of these stories unfold. It’s on you if you miss them.

3) Don’t Blow Your Opening Coin

Apparently you’re given quite a lot of Coin, Anthem’s premium currency, at the beginning of the game. Gamble says not to blow it all in the beginning, but to spend a few hours with each Javelin and figure out the one you love most first. This gives you the opportunity to highly customise that Javelin you’ll spend most of your time in. Or as I like to call it, the Interceptor Javelin.

4) Use The Alliance System

According to Gamble the Alliance system is awesome and you get good Coin from it. We already know that the Alliance system will help you level up faster and gain better rewards, so I guess this just hammers home the point that if you ignore it, you’re saying no to good free stuff.

5) If You Like a Challenge Play on Hard

Really at this point it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that playing on hard mode will be more of a challenge. Gamble says that it’s worth playing in this mode because the loot is better. In turn this helps you up the overall gear score of your Javelin, which is essential for taking on bigger activities such as Strongholds.

However, Gamble adds that we shouldn’t be surprised if we have our asses handed to us in hard mode until we’re powerful enough to take on the enemies found there. You’ve been warned.

6) Seriously, use the Alliance System

I can’t think of a better way to hammer home how good the Alliance system is than to mention it twice. Turns out Gamble thought the same way.

7) Be Aware of the Daily and Weekly Challenges From the Start

There are daily, weekly, and monthly Challenges in Anthem, as well as Reputation Challenges for Factions. Gamble says that you should take note of these from day one of playing the game, and do as many as you can alongside playing through different activities. Challenges can award Coin, XP, and even rare Blueprints for specific gear and weapons, so only taking them on after you’ve finished the story will just make Anthem more of a grind than anything.

8) Reinforce Folks and use Quickplay

Gamble’s final point is to help out other Freelancers. Over on the Anthem The Game subreddit there are going to be plenty of people asking for help as well as all over social media. If you see someone in need, help them out. In the end you benefit with XP at the very least.

Quickplay is an easy way to help out those who need an extra body in a mission. don’t be scared to do this, more often than not I think it’ll end in happy uplifting moments rather than downright disappointing ones.

Let me know what you think of Gamble’s pointers, and if you’ll employ them, in the comments.

Image Source: Twitter

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