Howdy Freelancers! As of today certain fans, and non-fans, of Anthem will be able to play Anthem a full week before it releases on the 22nd of February.

If you’ve not deleted your demo by now, then please do because there’s no point in it being installed. Now some of you have the chance to download the full game, and you should take advantage of that without filling up your hard drives.

Early Access Levels

Depending on your platform you’ll have a different level of early access to Anthem. This is the list of those early access forms.

Full Game Early Access to Anthem (PC Only) – This goes live today and is limited to PC users only. In order to play the game today you’ll need an Origin Access Premier subscription.

10 Hour Anthem Early Access (PC and Xbox One Only) – This access is also live as of today, but is limited to 10 hours of play. Once that’s done, you’re done. To access Anthem in this way you’ll need an EA Access account, or an Origin Access Basic subscription.

Early Access Start Times

Start times for Anthem today are pretty much the same time around the world. The specific times locally are below.

  • GMT: 3PM
  • CET: 4PM
  • EDT: 10AM
  • PDT: 7AM

These mark the times you can get into Anthem. If you’re on a 10 hour time limit your time will start when you start, so be aware of that and see everything you want to before your time is gone.

Preload Times

Unfortunately due to multiple time zone issues and EA’s site containing inaccurate data the times for preloading are a bit mental. What I can say is that for PC and Xbox One players the time to download is now! Get into your EA Access or Origins accounts and start downloading Anthem.

Playstation 4 Players

I’m in this crowd, and I can’t say it’s easy. We won’t be able to play the game until 00:01 next Friday, the 22nd of February. We will be able to download the game from then and jump in as soon as we want to.

I recommend checking out the following article for tips on both how to avoid spoiling the game, and how to avoid spoilers over the next week.

Let me know what you think of Anthem in the comments.

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