Howdy Freelancers! Now that Anthem is live for those with early access it’s out in the open and available to play in full. Special Edition and pre-order bonuses will also be available to those who are entitled to them, but unlocking them requires a bit more work than loading up the game.

Currently only those with access through Origin Premier will be able to access their bonuses, everyone else is going to have to wait until Friday the 22nd of February. The reason for this is that the 10 hour trial of the game is available without technically owning a copy, so EA isn’t up for granting special bonuses which other Freelancers do have to pay for.

Legion of Dawn Armour

The Legion of Dawn armour is a cosmetic set that’s available to those who have purchased the Legion of Dawn edition of Anthem. In order to access it all you need to do is progress enough through the story, and explore enough of Fort Tarsis, to unlock access to Prospero’s store. Prospero is the guy who sells everything cosmetic, he’s a bit of a stylish dude and wants you to give him all of your hard earned Coin just to stand out a little from the bushes in the world of Anthem. But you will look so damn good!

Once you’ve found the store and Prospero will sell to you then you head to the Rewards tab. In order to get to this point you just need to finish the tutorials and Prospero’s mission.

If you want to equip the armour you can do so from the Forge. You can also equip your Squad banner by going to the Squad screen.

It seems like this is going to be how you access future limited rewards in Anthem. There will probably be some sort of pre-order bonuses for future DLC or even an annual pass of some kind.

Destiny 2 had many different cosmetic rewards for the various ways in which players could buy their DLC and other content. It would make sense that in Anthem there will be multiple forms of these too. Bioware is going to need to make money in the long term, and one thing that really sells DLC and expansions is the limited edition content available with pre-orders.

Let me know if you’re picking this up in the game in the comments.

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