Howdy Freelancers! Since it’s three days before the release date of Anthem, the 22nd of February, the game is now available for preload on Playstation 4.

Preload basically means that you’re able to download the game before it’s release date. the only downside being that you can’t play the game until the official release date. I’m thinking that the game will be made available as of one minute past midnight on the e22nd of February, so it’s worth staying up the night before if you want to play Anthem from the very first minute of release.

I checked on the Playstation Store earlier today and now I have Anthem and the Legion of Dawn bonuses ready for download. If you wanted to know how you can claim your Legion of Dawn bonuses from Friday or today check out my last article.

Making the game available for preload three days before release is pretty standard practice at this point. I think it helps the various marketplaces avoid heavy usage when a game officially launches. In the past I remember waiting a week or so before downloading a game because I knew the speed at which the game downloaded on release day would be more than 24 hours.

Something that has emerged over on the Anthem subreddit is the fact that the game’s servers are already live for Playstation 4 players. This means that any Freelancers on Playstation 4 with a physical copy of the game will be able to play right now! However, the Day One patch has not been released yet, so it will be filled with some game-breaking bugs.

I’m not sure who would have a physical copy of Anthem for Playstation 4 right now unless their postal service messed something up. The only people who would have a copy right now would be those streamers, influencers, and press outlets who have been sent advanced copies of the game for post-launch marketing purposes.

The core of this article is that if you’re going to be downloading Anthem for Playstation 4, go and do so right now. It’ll save you time in the long run and you’ll be so thankful you did it when you play at some obscene hour this Friday morning.

Let me know how you get on in the comments.

Image Source: Reddit

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