Howdy Freelancers! I’ve been part of the Anthem community for a little while now, and I have to say that there are a lot of images out there that you could use as wallpaper, and actual wallpaper images that community members have created. I thought it would be a good idea to collect all of this wallpaper, and what is effectively fan art, in one place. I’m going to update this article weekly with all the new wallpaper I find from around the Anthem community, putting the most recent content at the top of the article, and the oldest towards the bottom.

If you’ve got some wallpaper or fan art that can be used as wallpaper that you’d like showcased then get in touch with me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. I’ll be posting the details of each creator alongside their art, so don’t worry about getting a shoutout because that’s the least you’d receive!

Week #3 (23/04/19)

It’s been a little while since I updated this article because my daughter was born quite recently. As a result this, my personal portfolio site, has taken a hit on content. However, I’m back to some sort of rhythm with my writing now, and this article is an easy one for me to update weekly once more.

This week I’m only adding one new wallpaper, it’s a mobile one that I found on the Anthem subreddit. I think it’s so important to personalise your mobile, and I can’t think of anything better than this wallpaper for it, apart from a Colossus version.

Interceptor Mobile Wallpaper

Week #2 (05/03/19)

Howdy Freelancers! Sorry I missed a couple of days but things have been crazy. I do have a couple of new bits of wallpaper for you though so hold on to your butts and dive right in!

This piece comes from Reddit where users nedlannister_ posted it. I think it’s a nice way to look at Anthem. This perspective is definitely one more of beauty than bullets. It’s so easy to forget that there’s more to this game than killing things and collecting loot.

This one’s another image from the Anthem Subreddit. I thought it would be nice to have a little bit of the map on here because Anthem’s map is fairly intricate. I imagine that if you have it as your phone wallpaper you might look down and discover an odd shape that you could explore later that day. This was from user Dyehead.

Wallpaper Access have some pretty cool wallpapers that you may not have seen before. This was my favourite, just because there’s nothing more terrifying that seeing one of these bad boys running at you, shaking the ground as they go. There are plenty of different wallpapers over there though to go ahead and find your favourite.

Week #1 (24/02/19)

Over on Reddit user MarximumCarnage posted this image, which I think would make some great wallpaper. They posted it saying that after sticking through The Division, Destiny 1 and Destiny 2, and Warframe, they’re looking forward to sticking with another MMO that bombs in the reviews at launch. I love this because it explains the core motivation of every Freelancer, we know the game is going to take work, but we’re in it for the long haul.

Alpha Coders have some exceptional Anthem wallpaper. Out of all of it this has to be my favourite, just the giant fireball in the sky and the Javelin flying underneath really say something about Anthem to me. Possibly the fact that the world is constantly trying to kill you and there’s no escape.

Wallpaper Cave is another online wallpaper source. They’ve got some incredible 4K Anthem wallpaper that’s probably some of the best I’ve seen anywhere. There are quite a few variations on the above image, which has been doing the rounds on social media platforms for a while now. This has to be my favourite wallpaper from Wallpaper Cave though, it’s bloody brilliant.

HDQWalls only seem to have this one piece of wallpaper, but it’s pretty damn iconic. I’ve seen this used one more than one press site, social media account, and fan all over the place. I love it, it’s not the most awe-inspiring wallpaper, but man it’s still pretty cool. It’s also the image we’ve associated with Anthem since it was first announced.

Gameranx are another site that have some 4K wallpapers. This one above is my favourite because it looks more like concept art than anything else. The Javelin standing there and looking at the shape of the world of Anthem really does act as a metaphor for the entire game. We have this massive world to defend, explore, and protect, and we’re only one small spec on it. This is crazy, and I think it’s pretty much the best thing on their site.

That’s it for the wallpaper collection so far. Like I said if you’ve got some images that you think would make great wallpapers then send them over to me. I don’t care if you’re a big website or just an individual with a screenshot, everything counts.

Let me know what you think of this Anthem wallpaper in the comments.

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