Howdy Freelancers! The UK game sales chart tracks only physical boxed sales of games sold over the course of a week. Last week’s sales track from Sunday the 17th of February to Saturday the 23rd of February, of which Anthem will have been out for only two days.

The full chart puts Anthem at the top of the chart, with 54 percent of all copies sold in the UK at retail being for Playstation 4, 40 percent for Xbox One, and the remaining number for PC.

Anthem stands at the top of a chart filled with absolutely brilliant games. Various promotions have seen titles like FIFA 19 and Forza Horizon 4 climb all the way up the charts into the top 10, or third place in the case of FIFA 19, once again. Red Dead Redemption 2, arguably 2018’s best game, is even in fourth. The only unsurprising title in the top three is Far Cry New Dawn, which is still in second despite the bad press after launch, though it has been out for long enough to reach that point.

Anthem’s sales are reported to be less than half those of Bioware’s last game, Mass Effect Andromeda. To make that number seem even less significant, those sales were about half those of Mass Effect 3.

However, anyone who purchased the game through EA Access or Origin has been playing early, some for a week. Going by social media I’m going to judge that a lot of people have gone for that option. There’s also digital sales in general to consider. I myself purchased the game on the Playstation Store, so my sale isn’t going to be tracked in the UK game sales chart.

Digital sales have increased over the years, and in 2019 they’re going to be bigger than ever. Anthem may well have sold poorly at retail in the UK, but I reckon it probably sold just as poorly at retail around the world. This being an online game I can see it selling most copies on digital storefronts, but we won’t have those numbers for a couple of weeks.

Some are blaming the issues Anthem saw in the VIP and open demos, others are blaming reviewers for basing their reviews on a game that wasn’t fully released, with many of the glaring issues they mention being fixed in the day one patch.

The game has bombed at review because it’s an MMO, and by its very nature it will be extremely different in a year to how it is now. That doesn’t help sales, but it does help establish a core community who will enjoy the game and be positive about it. Anyone playing now is going to be playing in a year, and with an MMO that’s all that matters.

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