Howdy Freelancers! So you may have noticed that the rate at which loot drops has been nerfed considerably. In fact what happened has now been cleared up by Ben Irving in a Reddit thread, and it seems as though the increased loot drop rate was a mistake.

The day one patch for Anthem introduced a change that actually boosted the rate at which loot dropped. This was amazing for everyone playing but was actually a huge issue over at Bioware. Irving said that after a few emails around and about the different department they identified what had gone wrong, and patched it just 11 hours later.

Now the patch that fixed the day one patch effectively nerfed the loot drop rate for all Freelancers who had been playing from launch day. This was infuriating and led to most of us taking to Reddit to complain, which is where Irving jumped in to clarify everything.

The issue this has created is that Freelancers preferred the old loot drop rate because of the massive difference in Inscriptions between each drop. The community is saying, and I’m inclined to agree with them, that if the Inscriptions are going to be so massively random, and quite often bad, then give us back that increased loot drop rate.

When Destiny 2 launched there was a big issue with both monetisation in the game and loot drop rates. Bungie thankfully increased the loot drop rate, and that seemed to save them from an absolute storm of criticism and bad press, though the game did receive enough of it for these issues being live while they were.

With Anthem Bioware are doing the right thing here in the end. They had a set loot drop rate, and those Freelancers who were playing in early access will have been experiencing this. the increased loot drop rate was a bug, and these Freelancers will have noticed that, and now things are back to normal.

I will say that I think the Inscription randomisation needs to be sorted out a little bit. Flying around the world of Anthem and getting loot as your reward is a huge part of playing, and to see that loot drop with rubbish Inscriptions can be extremely demoralising.

Let me know what you think of the whole situation in the comments.

Image Source: IGN India

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