Howdy Freelancers! Over on Reddit Ben Irving jumped in to tell us all about the Inscription loot update coming to Anthem. This update should now be live, though I believe it’s still being rolled out over the course of today. If you haven’t seen an update yet, you will soon. The update is intended to address the recent complains from the community regarding loot drops.

Irving listed the intended changes alongside the patch notes in his post on the Anthem Subreddit. The summary of these changes is as follows, all of which come after a big thank you from Bioware to the community for the feedback.

  • Many of the items dropping with Inscriptions are doing so with Inscriptions that have no tangible effect on them whatsoever
  • This leads to Freelancers running Strongholds over and over just to find a single Masterwork with Inscriptions that have some sort of effect on it
  • Freelancers want either;
    • Masterworks to drop more frequently in an effort to offset the above issue, or
    • Masterworks need to change so that they will drop with Inscriptions that are useful

The patch notes for the update are more detailed in what’s going to change in the game. Let’s take a look.

High Level Inscription Changes

Inscriptions are being made to be better for the items they drop on. This update only applies to items Freelancers earn from the point of the update onwards. Any items in a Freelancer’s Vault will be unaffected, so if you hate them, bin them.

An Inscription that is useful only to the item it is attached to, the Inscriptions with Gear Icons, will always be useful to that item. Any other Inscriptions will provide a Javelin-wide benefit.

Example: If you get an Assault Rifle drop then it won’t have an Inscription that provides a benefit to both the Assault Rifle and Pistols. Instead the Assault Rifle will have an Inscription that applies something such as Javelin-wide + Electric element. This would be useful for a Lightning Javelin build.

Currently Inscriptions drop from a pool, and there’s loads of them. Most of these pools are pretty generic, with Weapons being one for example, which is possibly why there have been so many useless ones dropping.

This has now been changed so that each item has a specific Inscription pool. When these items drop they will have a relevant Inscription on them because of this more specialised system, and because the pools are far smaller and therefore more targeted.

Example: There used to just be a weapon Inscription pool. Now however there is an Assault Rifle pool, and four pools within that. This, as far as we’ve been told, is replicated for every weapon type.

Primary Inscriptions will now be focussed on survivability or damage. Item-specific Inscriptions will remain specific for the item they’re on. Any Javelin-wide Inscriptions will benefit your Javelin’s damage or survivability as a whole.

Secondary Inscriptions will provide a benefit to utility. These too can be focussed specifically on the item they drop on, or the Javelin as a whole.

Loot Drop Changes

The level 30 drop table now contains no Common or Uncommon loot drops. These are the White and Green item drops, respectively, and are the lowest level drops you can receive. Removing these from the highest Pilot-Level drop table is a very good move because they’re massively annoying if they’re all you earn from a Freeplay session.

Crafting Changes

To craft a Masterwork you now only need 15 Masterwork Embers instead of 25. This is massive, because those Embers are bloody expensive if you’re trying to build up a Masterwork collection and you need a few hundred of them.

Salvaging and Harvesting will also now help Freelancers craft more Masterwork items. The hope is that this leads to Freelancers obtaining the Masterworks they want with the Inscriptions they want on them. That’s going to be made much easier with the new Inscription changes.

Ben Irving has said that if further patch notes are required then they’ll be published somewhere for us all to read. However, this is all we’re getting for now. Let me know how you feel about the patch in the comments.

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