Howdy Freelancers! A little bit of news has once again leaked out of the Anthem community over on the subreddit. This time though it looks as if it’s been more of a positive bash at Anthem, in a weird way, rather than a complete annihilation of the game’s reputation.

As I said, this has all come out of a post on the Anthem subreddit. In the post one user is complaining about the fact that they and others are seeing Anthem crash on the Playstation 4. This is pretty bad, because in this day and age a game shouldn’t be crashing over and over again, the developers should be able to patch this issue.

However, the problem doesn’t stop with the game crashing. It seems that a proportion of the Playstation 4 Freelancers community are seeing Anthem crash, and then shut down their Playstation 4 console. This is terrible, because it doesn’t shut the console down properly, and could lead to issues in the future.

On a side note, my basic Playstation 4 console started doing this randomly, and now it won’t stop. I now play on a Playstation 4 Pro and am very careful to always shut it down properly. My old console will occasionally now quite the game I’m playing, eject the disc if there is one, and shut down, or a combination of one or two of these things.

Shutting down a Playstation 4 improperly may seem like it’ll do no harm, but trust me it does. When the only fix is to buy a new console, this is an expensive mistake to keep making.

Early on it was thought that Sony were refunding all copies of Anthem for Playstation 4 with no questions asked. This has now been elaborated on by TwistedVoxel, thank the good lord.

Can I get a Refund on Anthem for Playstation 4?

Of course you can, but there’s a catch. If you’ve already used your one-time no questions asked refund with Sony then you cannot. This is a system that Sony have in the Playstation Store which allows every user to get a refund outright the first time they ask for it, but after that this doesn’t exist. If you want a refund you need to give a better reason, and it’s likely that this game-breaking bug won’t be good enough soon since Bioware will patch it before the week is out.

The bottom line is that Sony is aware of the console-crashing issue with Anthem, and they are offering refunds for the game at the time of writing.

Let me know what you think of this debacle in the comments.

Image Source: Playstation

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