Howdy Freelancers! We’re at the end of day 2 of these Playstation 4 issues that are currently plaguing Anthem. Yesterday we reported how some Playstation 4 Freelancers were getting kicked out of the game and taken back to the home screen, or having their Playstation 4 shutdown entirely. Now we’ve had a development.

EA Have Acknowledged the Issue

That’s right! EA has now spoken out in a blog post over on their site, and officially acknowledged the issue. This is a big step forward because as the publisher they have the resources to gather data and provide it to Bioware, who will then be able to fix and distribute a patch for it.

Right now the best thing you can do is submit a report when you’re kicked to the home screen on your Playstation 4. However, as I’ve said before, it’s no laughing matter if a game causes your console to shutdown, it can even break it. If you’re desperate to play then do so, and if you get kicked to the home screen you need to follow the instructions.

Submitting a Report From Your Playstation 4

When the game kicks you to the home screen the Playstation 4 will probably make an awful beeping noise at first. Once that’s over you’ll see a blue screen with loads of writing, a box for you to enter comments, and a ‘Report’ button.

I’d encourage you to just hit the ‘Report’ button and stop playing right away. If you’ve got details about what you were doing right before you crashed then write them into the available box. I always forget what I was doing because I’m so panicked that my console is going to break, but even adding some text explaining that you were flying in an Expedition or in the middle of a Stronghold can help.

I’ve been working for an app developer for around 6 years now, and what I’ve learned about bugs is that the more data users can provide, the easier the issue is to solve. Bioware will have put something in the code of Anthem, I hope, that pings them with a message every time the game crashes.

What should happen is that they get a load of data from that ping, but I’m not sure that’s always the case across every platform. By hitting that ‘Report’ button you are delivering that data, and making it faster for them to put together a wider picture of where this issue is. Once they identify it they can fix it, test the fix, and then deploy it.

With a developer as big as Bioware, backed by a publisher as huge as EA, I can’t see this issue going on past Friday. But let me know when you think it’ll be solved in the comments.

Image Source: Eurogamer

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