Howdy Freelancers! If you haven’t already guessed what I’m about to talk about then I’ll make it super clear. Someone has discovered that the Level 1 Defender is the best weapon in Anthem. There’s some real research behind this so don’t discount it just because of the memes.

As you can see from this first meme that I pulled from the Anthem Subreddit, many Freelancers are pretty happy with this discovery. I think what makes it so amazing is the fact that this is a weapon you have from th every beginning of the game.

I promised you research and I won’t disappoint you. Reddit user YeetLordSupreme has been hot on the case and found the following. The default damage for the Level 1 Defender is 16. However this changes when you equip another piece of gear at level 30, such as the above teased about Level 45 Masterwork Component or Weapon, then the baseline damage for the Level 1 Defender increases to 119(+1) damage.

If you’re not aware, 119(+1) damage is the same level of damage dealt by a Level 30 White Defender. The only issue that YeetLordSupreme has pointed out is that Monster health doesn’t scale up to match the fact that the damage from the Default Defender is scaling up on your Pilot Level.

It looks as though there is a bug here, even if it’s been created as a result of the mechanics Bioware have deliberately put in. With some streamers and YouTubers recently coming under fire for breaking EA’s terms of service by using exploits in order to earn loot, I can’t imagine many Freelancers are going to be bragging about using the Level 1 Defender with Level 30 Components.

This brings up the issue of what you could call exploits like this and whether Freelancers can be blamed for using them when they aren’t sure what they’re doing. I’d argue that because all we’re doing is using a weapon we were given from the start, just with endgame Components, there’s no reason fro us to be punished.

I also think that this reveals a glaringly obvious issue with Anthem’s weapons. If we can simply use the default weapon in the game with endgame Components to deal endgame damage, what’s the purpose of using Masterworks?

Let me know what you think of all this in the comments.

Image Sources: Reddit, Screen Rant

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