Howdy Freelancers! Fashion Friday has been a thing in the Anthem community over on the game’s Subreddit for a couple of weeks now. I thought it was worth showcasing all the amazing Javelins that are being made from one of the most in-depth customisation engines I’ve ever seen in a game ever. I’ll update this over the course of the day so check back because there could be more!

Update 11/03/2019

A lot of people on Instagram got in touch asking if they could send in their Javelins as submissions for the article. To which my answer was “of course!” You guys can always submit entires, I’m just sorry it took so long to update the article. My wife and I are expecting a baby, she’s due on March 12th, so things have been pretty hectic. Anyway, between here and the next heading are the submissions I received after the article went live. As I’ve said before you can get in touch with yours by sending me a direct message on Twitter, Instagram, or whatever social network you see me on. My main ones are linked at the bottom of the article.

This awesome Storm Javelin inspired by Loki, of the Marvel universe, is just stunning. It’s really nice to see the customisation pay off in the animation before launching into a mission here, and we’ve got the colour scheme too! This submission came from lewisvilbro via Instagram.

Loki Storm
Loki Storm

This is another Yellowjacket submission, something that seems to be a common thin in the world of Anthem. I’m really impressed with the level of detail in all of the different colours here. This submission came from yellowjacket977 over on Instagram.


Another Freelancer who I only know as Jimmy Boy (sorry mate I couldn’t figure out if this was a submission from something else or one for Fashion Friday on Instagram) sent me two Javelin designs. The first is what I’m calling the Minty Storm, because it looks like the kind of Storm that would be advertising a new kind of Polo mint or Wrigley’s chewing gum. That’s not a bad thing by the way, super well-designed.

Minty Storm
Minty Storm
Minty Storm

The second Javelin Jimmy Boy sent me was what I’m calling the Old Guard Colossus. This design is pretty terrifying when you look it in the face, and I love the combination of stone colours and gold, which is why it looks to me like some sort of ancient, forgotten guardian of a temple.

Old Guard Colossus
Old Guard Colossus
Old Guard Colossus

Customised Javelins for the 8th of March

The Javelin below comes from Reddit user thoughtbludgeon. They didn’t add any context but I think this one is pretty damn terrifying and awesome at the same time.

These next entries come from Reddit user P01N7, a clear Mass Effect fan. These Javelins are named Regal Storm and Royal Mercenary respectively, I think it’s pretty obvious from looking at them why they’re named these things.

Regal Storm
Royal Mercenary

Reddit user Codynic calls this entry their Interceptor Nightingale. I really love the details they’ve added with just the right armour variants to make the colours look almost like blades.

Interceptor Nightingale

Reddit user CoZoneRO calls this Javelin their main destroyer. In my head it’s called that because if Anthem had PVP it would be destroying my main Javelin in a heartbeat.

Main Destroyer

Oblivious Rhetoric on Reddit calls this his Phoenix Storm. This is a fire build Storm Javelin and looks like it could cause a worldwide forest fire if you ask me.

Phoenix Storm
Phoenix Storm

Reddit user patchesmcgrath says these are the Javelin colours they’re running with right now. I’m getting New Order/Storm Trooper vibes from it. what do you guys think?

New Order Trooper?

Reddit user Gordlock has called this a Yellow Jacked look Javelin. I’m really pleased they included the colour select screen so I can give it a go for myself.

Yellow Jacket

Official_Sentient from Reddit has posted their Commander Storm with a really nice graphic too. I love the idea that this is a Commander grade Storm Javelin that you’d see leading a bunch of Rangers into battle.

Commander Storm

This time we’ve got an animated entry from Reddit user toastedlime. Once again we’ve got the colour options here so we can give it a go ourselves.


Here we have an SRL themed Javelin from Reddit user xoc_atk. I’m taking SRL to mean Sparrow Racing League from Destiny 2, which I’m thrilled about, but if it’s not I’m sorry.

SRL themed Javelin

Reddit user 3rdeyenotblind has put in some serious work to create an incredible couple of Javelins here. The Storm had no name, but I really can’t think of something like this being anything but a perfect Storm myself. The Military Olive Green Tint Ranger in the Sentinel Armour set below it looks stunning too. We’re seeing a level of detail here that’s not often seen in video games from the community.

Perfect Storm
Military Olive Green Tint Ranger (Sentinel Set)

Reddit user Jay-Storm said they were messing around with a new pattern after purchasing it and feel terrible for what they created. I think that’s a normal reaction.

Something Terrble

Reddit user slayermcb created these Javelins after being inspired by Evangelion Units 0, 1, and 2.

Evangelion-inspired Javelins

Reddit user esreveRPsychology created this big guy asking, “who says a Colossus can’t be classy?” I can’t argue with that!

Reddit user stonedsquare calls these Javelins EVA 01 and Lord Canti. A lot of work has clearly gone into these and you can’t fault them for effort.

Classy Colossus
EVA 01
Lord Canti

Reddit user _iCoNik_ created this Storm Javelin based on their college colours. I’m pretty impressed, my college colours look like puke.

College Pride Storm

Reddit user fuegolatino created a Lave-Style Interceptor here. It looks a bit like a Predator if it lived on a bright planet of some kind.

Lava-Style Interceptor

Reddit user BasarJensen calls this Interceptor their Foam Javelin. I don’t quite see why, but it does look a little like if it fell off the launch platform at Fort Tarsis it would disintegrate.

Foam Javelin

Reddit user Big_Metal_Unit says this is a little boring but they keep going back to the design. I don’t think I’ve seen it in the game to be honest, so I wouldn’t feel like you need to call it boring!

Returning Interceptor
Returning Interceptor

This submission comes from Reddit user ischi23. they haven’t named it but it looks like a sci-fi royal guard or something to me.

Sci-fi royal Guard Javelin

Reddit user Zeresec says they miss their Ninty Javelin build. I guess they’re like me, playing on PS4 but too afraid to do so until the latest patch is live.


ColossalChungus says they’re simple. they find metal and strap it to their Colossus. I don’t see any problems here.

Metal Chungus

Reddit user malach2 has really outdone themselves with these two entires. The Gundam Interceptor is straight up terrifying to look out from the corner of my eye, and the Tiger Storm looks to me like an elite desert-variant of the Storm Javelin.

Gundam Interceptor
Tiger Storm

Reddit user Cockator has created what they call a Ranger Javelin in the 1970th style sci-fi. I couldn’t agree more. A lot of people are calling it post-apocalyptic which also seems accurate.

1970th Style Ranger

That’s all the submissions for this week. be sure to head to the Anthem Subreddit if you want to see more from previous weeks, or enter yourself. You can also get in touch with me and send your entries directly over Instagram or Twitter.

Image Source: Reddit


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