Howdy Freelancers! Prior to the release of patch 1.0.3 for Anthem last weekend the loot rate of Legendary and Masterwork loot was far higher than it had previously been. But the patch ‘fixed’ that so that these items became harder to earn, which the community has freaked out about droves.

Now a group of Freelancers over on the Subreddit are planning to stop playing the game for this entire week, from the 11th of March until the 15th. They think that if enough Freelancers don’t play for the week then Bioware will change the drop rate of loot and make it rain hard to earn items once again.

Do we Need to Boycott Anthem?

When I first saw this post popping up first on the Anthem Subreddit, and then the general Games Subreddit, I thought it was a little ridiculous. We can talk about how the community and Bioware have had a tough relationship since launch, with the community complaining about one thing, only to complain about something else or how that one thing was fixed once Bioware push a patch. If I worked at Bioware, I’d be super-frustrated by the whole situation.

However, this is the nature of MMOs, and if Bioware weren’t ready for it then they should have made Dragon Age 4. If you look at every recent MMO that’s released they’ve all had the same issues with their communities; Fallout 76, Destiny 2, even Final Fantasy 14 Online. People expect one thing before an MMO releases, and but then see something else in the final game. Eventually most players fall away or drop off the radar for a bit while the developers work to the feedback of the most dedicated players to tweak and fix the game, changing it into something that the wider community will eventually come to love.

Anthem is no different to these other MMOs, though I’ve been assured by several random people on social networks that it is. Bioware are still working with the most dedicated Freelancers on adjusting the loot drop rates, how it feels to play, and all the general quality of life aspects that make a game like Anthem easy and fun to play.

If you boycott Anthem this week, you’re not going to help anyone, least of all the Freelancer community. Bioware need active players in order to implement changes and have them tested. They also can’t give in to the needs to people who are effectively holding their game hostage.

Without players Anthem will crash and burn. It’s important to remember that this is a game published by EA, and a publisher that size won’t be bullied, they’ll just put a stop to the servers and make Bioware move onto another project.

The Bottom Line

If you value anything I say then take not of this next sentence. You should not boycott Anthem this week. I played Destiny 1 and 2 while they went through this same stage in their post-release development, and I can assure you that the community is stronger on the other side of it. I can also assure you that you won’t feel better about not having played for a week, because Bioware isn’t going to give in and make a change based on what is, quite frankly, a toddler’s tantrum.

There are so many positive people in the Anthem community, most of whom contributed to my last Fashion Friday article, and they won’t stop playing this week. Unless everyone stops, Bioware won’t make a change, and I think we’re all mature enough to realise that not everyone will stop.

So let’s all just stop with this boycott madness okay? Let me know what you think in the comments, positives and negatives.

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