Howdy Freelancers! I’m so sorry this article is late, but I had a 14 hour stint in the hospital with my pregnant wife over Friday, and by the end of it the last thing I was planning on doing was looking at custom Javelins. Don’t worry, everything is fine, but still no baby Freelancer just yet.

Last week we had a great week for Fashion Friday entries. Yesterday wasn’t a great day on the main Anthem Subreddit for Fashion Friday, there were only a couple of submissions to add to the ones you kind Freelancers emailed to me. So I’ve jumped onto the Fashion Freelancers Subreddit and taken some of the submissions from the last 24 hours for this post just to bulk it up. Hopefully no one over there minds me showcasing their efforts.

As always if you want to submit your custom Javelin design to me please direct message me on Twitter, Instagram, or email me with the subject ‘Fashion Friday’ on Let’s dive into this week’s Javelins, if I get any more over the weekend I’ll update the article and let you know!

This first Javelin I’m calling Orange Buster comes from SneakAttack65 on Reddit. I really love the design but it’s one of those that’s hard to identify as a particular thing. I think it would look awesome when running around with the Ultimate active.

Orange Buster Javelin
Orange Buster Javelin

This Javelin comes from Nicole Ormes on Instagram, and she says she’s in love with it. I definitely think it looks royal but other than that I have no idea what to name this one, so I named it after the creator.

Nicole Ormes

This Javelin is named Finally Perfect, and comes from Reddit user Krawlborn. I like the use of metals and fabrics that create this sort of high-end manufactured look. It seems like the kind of Javelin you’d see in a London high street department store.

Finally Perfect

Sharpish_Chompino on Reddit submitted this Javelin. It’s based on the latest trailer for Avengers Endgame in which Captain America wears a sweet new suit. Love it!

Avengers Endgame

ActorMichaelMerchant on Reddit posted this incredible Skull Child, of Majora’s Mask fame, Javelin on the Fashion Freelancers Subreddit. It’s amazing, and I love that it uses one of the most recent store additions, something you can still buy in Anthem I believe.

Majora’s Mask Skull Child

NoFreeLunchez on the Fashion Freelancers Subreddit is clearly enjoying the F1 right now, or getting into Forza, I honestly can’t work out which. Their Javelin is inspired by Froza’s McLaren P1. I think the use of materials and colours really does do the design justice, making the Javelin look almost like it could transform into a supercar.

Forza McLaren P1

GuyDayan on the Fashion Freelancers Subreddit looks as though they love Destiny just as much as I do (in my spare time outside of Freelancing of course). This Fallen Vandal design is spot on, and I see the headpiece making an appearance again here. It’s perfect.

Fallen Vandal

Fashion Freelancers Subreddit user mrrivver, I’m going to assume they’re a guy with a name like that, posted this troll of a Javelin design. It’s based on the Scar Enforcer, and he said that when a Freelancer ran past him with the shield out he absolutely crapped his pants. Easy to see why.

Scar Enforcer

SVTFord from the Fashion Freelancers Subreddit shared this, another Marvel-inspired Javelin. This time we’ve got Thor, and he look s pretty damn great. The only thing we’re missing is the facepaint, but I think Bioware will implement this in time.

Also from Fashion Freelancers, ethanlayne posted this Reaper design using one of the new vinyls. I think you can still pick it up in the shop if you’re keen to recreate.


Reddit user mynameiserl posted this awesome cosplay on Fashion Freelancers. It’s inspired by the Hellghast from the Killzone series, and honestly I think it’s perfect. As a big fan of the series, I think this is a Javelin I’ll be running with.

Helghast Soldier from Killzone

Alex7h3Stallion has posted this awesome cosplay on Fashion Freelancers. It’s based on Samus Arun from the Metroid Prime franchise, and minus the arm cannon its perfect.

Metroid Prime

Over on Instagram lewisvilbro has been sending me a load of different Javelin designs. This one is based on R2-D2, and I think it’s possibly the best one he’s sent me so far. Keep it up mate.


Reddit user Solid_Jellyfish has submitted a simple yet brilliant Colossus design here. The combination of red and really dark grey isn’t something you see often in the world of Anthem, but it’s a great sight here.


CravenFever on Reddit posted their Grey and Chrome Javelin on Fashion Freelancers. It’s a powerfully simple design, and thankfully they posted the colour scheme too.

Grey and Chrome

Fashion Freelancer ATARI-CARTEL posted this Infinity War-inspired design. If you haven’t guessed by now it’s based on the Infinity Gauntlet, and I can’t think of a better Javelin to stylise this way than the Colossus.

Infinity Gauntlet

Another SVTFord entry from Fashion Freelancers. This one’s McCree from Overwatch, and really it’s perfect isn’t it? The attention to detail here is bloody marvellous, have fun playing around with it.


Reddit user dkdj25 on Fashion Freelancers posted their Fleet Commander design for a Javelin. It’s got everything, the purple highlights, and even the material customisation to make the superiority visible.

Fleet Commander

I wanted to end the main article with a really cool entry, so here I present Spidercepter. This entry comes from Gurka_Warrior on the Fashion Freelancers Subreddit, and I think it’s really stylish. The Spider-Man inspiration is evident, but you’ve got the real feeling here that the owner of this Javelin saw a battered comic and designed to paint their Javelin based on it, rather than actually knowing what Spider-Man is.


There were plenty more Javelins on Fashion Freelancers, but I couldn’t include them all or this article would go on forever. As I said at the beginning of the post, please get in touch with your entries and I’ll add them over the weekend. Let me know what you think of these designs in the comments.

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