Howdy Freelancers! Well it’s been a mad week for Anthem news, I mean the weekend alone has been pretty bloody crazy. I know the news has been damning for Anthem, and I’m not going to try to defend the game because, as I’ve said before, it’s still evolving and is going to be a great game eventually. But I also want to point out that with everything Bioware have been massively responsive.

This week we’ve seen Bioware respond to the Boycott, publish an update to the loot problem that said Boycott was about, and then respond to the Reddit post that found a huge problem with this update. At every step they are trying to talk to the community, and they’re trying to evolve it so that it’s the game all Freelancers want it to be.

It’s impossible to defend Anthem against all those who are just going to badmouth it without listening to another point of view. But I do want to make it really clear to anyone who will read this that you should bear with Bioware as they build this game.

The first step of developing Anthem was the work that went in before its release. Any testing done was by the developers, and as soon as it got into the hands of the public the game started to change. The closed Alphas, the private Beta, and the open Beta all helped to shape Anthem into what it was at release. The Hanger literally wouldn’t exist without feedback from real world players.

After Anthem released more and more patches were pushed out to combat the bugs Freelancers were experiencing, and by the end of that early access week prior to release Anthem was at the end of its first stage of development.

Right now we’re in the second stage of development. Bioware is actively responding to the needs of the community, though they aren’t responding to outright stupidity, like that boycott, which is a good thing. Over the next year we’re going to see Anthem change a lot, and I’m talking about more than just because of the new content Bioware have planned.

As soon as the issue with patch 1.0.3 was found, the one with all the maths, Bioware responded by saying this system will change so that it’s better and more accurate, taking into account more indicators. The next patch, 1.0.4, will fix the issue, and that should be the end of it for a while.

Yes, there will be more issues that need to be patched or fixed, but unless we work with Bioware to find and report them the game is going to be ruined, because no one will play it. It’s frustrating to see the community get so toxic and attack the game they’re playing when all they need to do is be patient and wait for Bioware to respond.

If you feel differently about Bioware please let me know your thoughts in the comments. But I can’t see how anyone can argue that Bioware isn’t responding to us, and how they aren’t trying to help Freelancers enjoy their game.

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